Monday, February 18, 2008

What I Did This Weekend ...

So, Friday night Hubby and I had a date ... an OVERNIGHT date!!! We went to Ypsilanti (yes, that it is a real place)!!! One of our favorite bands was playing there - Casting Crowns!!

It is a pretty good drive away though, so Aunt Kathy came and took care of the girls (along with Nicole) and gave us enough peace of mind that we were able to get a goodnight's sleep. We did not wake up til 9:15 AM!!!!! They had some people there from World Vision and, so, we picked up a "brother" for the girls. His name is Jono (we call him Jo!!) and he is from Indonesia. He is on our fridge and we will be praying for him as though he is right here with us! Hopefully, with a sponsor now, he can go to school and drink clean water and have a better life!!! He shares a birthday with Hattie and we are hoping that the girls can learn a litle bit about giving back to the world through this. Welcome to the family Jo!!!!
We also made a few stops on the way home. No road trip is complete without a stop here:

Comfort food at it's very best!!! It was crazy busy, a very long wait and so-so service, but hey, I got me some heavy duty carbs and had a date with my man ... can't ask for more that that!!!!
He also let me stop at Old Navy and do some shopping for my girls. Oh so cute clothes at rock-bottom prices!! It has always annoyed me that stores bring in the summer stuff in January when I still have another 4-5 months of cold weather to dress for!!! Of course now that I am trying to be a responsible shopper and have a CONSTANTLY growing little one, I am SOOOO appreciating that all of the winter stuff is on CLEARANCE!!! Add to that the fact that by the time I need warm weather clothes for her THEY will be on clearance!!!! Good times!
In other news ... Pray for us today as we take the girls for Easter/6mos./4 year pics. Hattie - who will be four on Sunday!!!!! - does not like to have her pic taken and there is the language/communication difficulty to factor in... Could be a long evening. But, there is pizza for the girl when it is all over!! All wrongs are made right with pizza for that girl!
Blog at ya later!!!

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