Friday, February 22, 2008

Too Sleepy To Think Of A Title...

OK ladies and gentlemen (ha ha - like any gentlemen read this!!!), it is 2:34 AM. And this is the second time tonight/this morning/this-period-of-the-24-hours-when -all-is-dark-and-most-are-asleep that I have been awakened. This, after not going to sleep until 11:45! The first was a shorter, "say shh shh shh over and over for a few minutes and she will fall back to sleep" kinda awakeness. This one has become a "change the diaper, make a bottle and leave the room so the other bleary eyed parent can sleep" kinda awakeness! Hubby, he took the first one! Tonight was his lucky night! I must say that he really is very wonderful and amazing and AWESOME about taking his turn! THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY MAN!!!!
Why, you may ask, is this awakeness happening? We have been asking ourselves that very question for a couple of weeks now. Why has our good eater/sleeper suddenly turned into one who refuses to open her mouth for the spoon and wakes up at LEAST once a night? Why does our sweetnatured baby go from happy and joyful one moment to Crying her eyes out the next - this is NOT an embellishment (and excuse me, but when are they gonna fix the spell check thingy already ... I am having to use big words like embellishment 'cause I can't figure out if I am spelling exageration correctly. And truly, I am not even sure that I am spelling embellishment correctly... it is 2:39. AM. should I really be expected to SPELL?!?!?!?!)? Well, today the mystery has been solved. I caught a glimpse of her the inside of her mouth. That glimpse made me feel the need to get a closer look, for which I had to stick my fingers in her mouth, pull her bottom lip one way and push her tongue the other and peek fast. And there they were ... two little wite nubs tryng to poke through her swollen and sore little gums. Yes, that's right ... we are teething! This is not fun. I am not liking this. Sophie is liking it even less. I want to cry for her.
Now, with Hattie, teething was not an issue. She would be going about her business and one day you would notice, hey! There are more teeth today than there were the other day. When did that happen?!?!? I consider us Blessed by that! Truly, I do! Poor Sophie is not so lucky - and by that token, either are we, this time around. I love my baby and would honestly take this pain for myself if I could. How I wish I could!
Anyhoo, it is now 2:45 and I think she is finally asleep again. I am going to attempt to get her to bed without waking her or Hubby up ... pray for me (I am all for backdated prayers!!!! And, as I am sure you are reading this at a sane hour of the day, that is what they would be!).
Blog at ya later.
Forgive the typos and misspellings (stinkin' blogger spell check!!) and rambling ... Did I mention it is 2:49 ... no wait, 2:50 in the morning!!!!

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Naomi said...

Sending up prayers for you now...may be a little late, but always handy. Hope tonight is better!!