Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Everybody Say "Aaaaaaaaaawwwwww"

Ok, picture day has come and - thankfully - gone. I am always a stressed out mess thinking that I have to do all things necessary to keep my girls happy till the last frame is captured. Well, I FAILED my friend - F*A*I*L*E*D!!!! Praise the Sweet Lord in Heaven, you cannot tell it from the pictures ... except for the lack of choices in shots!
I was more worried about Hattie than Sophie because H is notoriously moody, grumpy and downright yucky on picture day. I was sure that Sophie would do so very well and be her utterly charming and sweetnatured self. Oh, so wrong was I!!! Oh, so very wrong! But, again ya can't tell.

Here is Hattie:

and my favorite

And here is Sophie - to be noted, we had a pretty dress for each girl and BOTH of them refused to wear them ... We did get Sophie into the silky bloomers though:

Ya gotta love the rolly polly chubbiness that is my sweet baby girl!!:)

And, for your viewing pleasure (and if not yours, well, then MINE!!!), here are the two cutest girls on the PLANET:

Oh yeah, them are my girls! How I love them!!!!!

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