Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Day Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a princess (she knew she was a princess, because she was a daughter of the King!) who had many, many friends and a loving family but was still a little lonely. She prayed and prayed and prayed that God would send someone to love her and care for her, but 34 years later, she was still alone. She did not give up though, she just kept praying...
One day the princess had a very bad toothache and the big, bad dentist told her that he had to take some of her teeth out - the princess was VERY afraid of the big bad dentist, but she went anyway and out her teeth came! A few days later the princess and her mommy were at church and a handsome man gave her a beautiful rose. The princess's mommy liked the handsome man but the princess said that he was "just S. Her mommy told her "he is 'just S' now, he will not be 'just S' forever!" The princess thought that her mommy had lost her ever lovin' mind!!!!
Many days went by and she often saw the handsome man, but he was always "just S" ... until one day, the princess's best friend told her that she should be the handsome man's girlfriend. The princess just laughed and told her she was silly. So, the friend went to "just S" and asked HIM if he wanted to be the princess' boyfriend! He said that he did and she told him "then ya better get busy!" After that "just S" sent the princess LOTS of flowers and called her on the phone and sent her sweet emails and did many things to let her know that he liked her ... until one day, she liked him too! Even loved him!!!!
One day the princess realized that her mommy had been right - he was not "just S" anymore .. he had become her handsome prince! And very soon after that the Handsome Prince asked the princess to be his bride, and she cried and jumped up and down and screamed and hugged his neck and said "yes please".
The Princess finally married her Handsome Prince

and they were later blessed with two little girls - princesses themselves

who joined the princes

that the Handsome Prince already had and they became a big happy family that loves eachother very, very much.
The Handsome Prince saved the princess from may things - a VW bug with a propensity for burnt out headlights and a gas tank that would often not open when she needed gas, a small condo with nasty carpets and a hole in the bathtub, a life of plastic Christmas trees, a wish for a family but no way to afford it or have it on her own and, most importantly, a life of thinking that she was not pretty enough or good enough to get a good man to fall in love with her. He loved her for all that she was and she KNEW that he was sent to her by God and she loved him with all of heart - still does, more everyday!!!
And that princess and her handsome prince are living Happily Ever After to this very day!!!!
Happy Valentine's Farmboy!! I love you very much - FOREVER and EVER!!!
Love your Buttercup!!!!

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That is very sweet- I am glad you found your prince!