Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sick Day ... AGAIN!!!

Oh yeah, we are still sick here in B Manor. I have thought - more than once - that putting a quarantine sign on the door would not be a bad idea. I have prayed - more than once - that Jesus would come back ... NOW! And I have choked back tears - WAY more than once - when I look into the sad eyes of my sick babies.
Sophie is feeling a bit better today and her fever seems to have passed. I still feel like a large truck has hit me, backed up over me and hit me again but am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hubby stayed home from work today - bills be danged - to take care of his girls. And Hattie, my sweet, sweet Hattie, the only one in the house who actually got a flu shot and she has been hit the hardest. I have actually had to start giving her gatorade through a medicine bulby thing (sorry, I cant spell syringe and the spell check aint working and I am sick so get over it!!!) because it the only way that I can get her to drink anything and I have to keep her hydrated. She has even napped - a phenomenon that has not taken place in almost two years!!! We have had community naps on the sofa - oh so comfortable!! And last night we had to make sure both girls were comfy and cared for so I slept in Hattie's room and Hubby took Sophie. Both girls, THANK THE SWEET LORD, slept all night (although for Hattie I'm thinking it was more like passing out due to all of the puking!!!!!), therefore we slept all night too.
Continue to pray for us - or for Jesus to come back, whatever works - as we struggle through.
And as with all phenomenon (again, I am sick and do not know the plural of Penomenon) I had to capture it on film ...

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