Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is That A Light I See?!?!?!

Finally, Praise the healing hand of the Sweet Lord, we can see the light.... still a ways down that tunnel, but light CAN be seen!!!! Hattie finally spoke yesterday evening (after a two day silence - unheard of here at home!!!) and she even cracked a smile right before bedtime! She is eating as I type - pray she holds it down - and has had several cups of liquid this morning. This is a minor miracle in and of itself seeing as how she has not taken a drink by her own power in two days. Sophie seems to be pretty much back to herself and though she still has some flem action when she drinks formula she IS drinking formula again (the Gatorade/Pedialite was really taking a toll on her diaper situation!!!!), she is laughing and talking and doing her best to cheer the rest of us up!!! Hubby took another sick day - says it was to take care of us, but I can tell that he is still not up to par. And I feel like my head would benefit from a swift stab with an icepick to release some of the fluid, but the truck running me over continuously is no longer a semi but more like a member of the small pickup variety. We actually opened up the blinds today 'cause we can stand the light ... over all, we still feel a bit icky, but are on the upswing for sure.... considering that the last few days we felt like we had died and nobody had let our bodies know it yet!!!
Thanks for your prayers - keep em coming!!!!
Blog at ya soon!!!

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