Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heaven Help us!!!

****Let me first preface this by saying that my Hubby is NOT a whiner - even when sick****
That being said, had you asked me last week what could be worse than a sick husband I woulda told ya nothin' ... NOTING is worse than a big strong man reduced to the likes of a needy child. That's what I WOULD HAVE said. Ask me now!!
NOW I will tell you that the only thing worse than a sick husband is a house full of two little girls and one woman (the biggest whiner of all!!!) who are all down with the same thing and depending on a husband/daddy who STILL is not feeling well but must return to work 'cause the bills don't pay themselves!!! THAT is worse my bloggy buddys ... THAT IS WORSE!!!!!
Sophie can't breath, Hattie is a pukin' and I am wishin' I could pass out in the bed!! However, as I said, the bills don't get paid all on their lonesome so the Hubby had to go to work today, so I can't. Aaaaaahhhh, the joys of motherhood. Nothing says love like NOT throwing your child to the floor when she is filling your shirt with the vomit!!
And now that I have given you a nice visual image that will hopefully NOT stay with you for long, I must bid adieu ... Sophie is needing her mommy and Hattie is wanting to eat ... That could be frightnin' in 'bout a half hour!!!
Whoooo Lordy, Heaven help us!!!!

1 of ya left some love:

Kate said...

Oh man...don't know how I would ever handle this...you must be supermom! I think I would sleep with the baby (rather let the baby sleep with me 'cause I'm too big for a crib) rig up a timed feeder to my alarm clock and keep a nose sucker handy, and set up a make-shift bed for the other one with a bucket attatched and put her at the end of the bed (I wouldn't want the germies)...lol.

Really, I'm sorry you and the babes are not feeling well...hope all is better today.