Thursday, February 7, 2008

One More and Then I'm Done

OK, I am sure you are tired of hearing about it ... three posts is quite enough you say, and I hear ya (but I am going for four anyway!!). Barring any unforseen (and THOROUGHLY unwanted) relapses, this will be our last epidemic update.
I just thought I would let ya know that things are getting back to a semi-normal state (normal is a relative term, considering we are ... well ... US) and share some photographic documentation:

This is what happens when you have to keep doing laundry - 'cause Tigger was a victim of a particularly ugly vomit scenario and blankies and clothes have been victims of , well let's just say the diapers have been U*G*L*Y!! - but you have no energy for folding and sorting and putting away the clean stuff, you end up with this:

And when Mother Nature dumps this at your doorstep:

...then, sick or not, a Daddy's gotta do this:

(the sweet thing is that, once again, after ours he did Ms Gerri's next door!!! What a guy!!!)

And when you have enough energy to maybe play, but maybe not, you just gott take some time to ponder the situation...

But don't be fooled by the presumed perkiness of this photo, cause if you look closer you can see the tired, glossy eyes and chapped lips ...

Poor baby!!

And then there is Sophie ... just when you needed something to smile about...

2 of ya left some love:

PJ said...

Awww. Sorry everyone is sick. (We've had 40 inches of that white suff this year!!!) First time visitor...I'll be back when you feel better...come on over!!

Kate said...

lol...I don't even have children or a husband and that's what my laundry looks like. :)