Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nine ...

Yesterday was Hattie Day! Nine years ago she came to our house to live. I don't think any of us had any idea of the adventure that was about to begin. But I would not trade one single moment!!!

She is the adventure I never saw coming.  I watch her defy every odd that her diagnosis throws at her and I know. I know that God has some pretty big things in store for this child.

And I just pray every single day that I don't mess that up!

Today I watched the child that we were told would never be affectionate, conversational or social walk around church and greet people like it was her job, hug all of her friends, make NEW friends and make sure everyone she met felt welcome.

And then, at lunch, the child who used to shut out the world - especially in unfamiliar or overwhelming situations - noticed a couple in a crowded restaurant with a baby in a carrier. And my child, who was supposed to be "silent" according to all the people who should know, called out to me from across the table in a not at ALL silent voice "MOM! How do two people get to have a brand new baby?!"

And I had to remind myself how VERY many times I prayed to have a conversation with this child.

And, oh how faithful He is ... even when it may not be so convenient for me :)

And I am so thankful.

3 of ya left some love:

StacieHope365 said...

Becky Jo!

I love this! Are you going to SSMT?

Susan said...

NINE? She has some 21 year old attitude going on all over these pics! She is gorgeous and smart and loving...just like her momma. And because of her momma, she has stomped all of those "she will nevers..." to dust!

Love you AND your sweet 9-year-old!

Amanda Schrieber said...

i'm so enjoying catching up on all of your posts. hattie is a treasure. such a special little dream of your heart come true. and she has the perfect mama to call her own. love you both!