Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Close Your Eyes and Pretend

Pretend that this is yesterday.

Cause, yes, I missed yesterday. My 30 days of blogging got messed up. On. Day. FOUR.

(so sad)

Anyhoo ... His mercies are new every morning and I am claiming that mercy this morning, so I wanted to hop on here and ask you to extend mercy to me as well.

Pretty please?

I do have some stories to tell, but today ... I mean, YESTERDAY (wink, wink) ... I want to leave you with this:

A friend and I were talking on Sunday about miracles.  About how people may be less inclined to believe our God because they don't see Him performing miracles today. And that just slays me!  KILLS ME.

They assume that because He is not parting seas open and walking people across dry ground, that He is not here. But, Y'ALL! He DID part the sea. And He left the tale and all it's lessons to guide us. And, lest we think we are the first generation to forget all of that, He reminds us that the very generation that walked across that dry sea bed forgot too!

And maybe He IS parting seas. No ... no, no maybe about it. He IS parting seas in our midst. Maybe not actual bodies of water, but I have seen him part the sea of the debt that was drowning my family and walk us across dry land to where we could breathe again.

I have seen Him part the seas of a hopeless diagnosis and bring healing that baffles doctors.

I have seen split wide a sea of depression and bring hope.

I have watched him make a way through the waves of a turbulent marriage and bring calm where once the waters of divorce raged fierce.

And I have watched Him, every single day, walk a little girl whose seas where once turbulent with abuse and neglect and despair into the promised land of a family that loves her beyond words (not that WE are her promised land, but He is!). He walks her through a condition which could drown her into a world unreachable into a place where miracles of her overcoming that condition are commonplace. A world where we could say we don't see miracles anymore ... but, PRAISE HIS NAME, they are right there.

Right there in the every single day.

And, I imagine, if we all look hard, and seek Him more, we can see those miracles ourselves. Every single day.

Every. Single. Day.

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Amanda Schrieber said...

love this depiction of parting seas and leading to promised lands...both in biblical history, and within your own family. God is still in the business of doing this. keep sharing! beautifully written.