Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And The Angels Rejoice

I wondered all day what I would write about today. Even came here and stared at the blank screen wondering what to say.  But the events of this amazing evening are to good NOT to write about.

Tonight my baby girl gave her life to Jesus.

Sophie, as I said yesterday, has always had a special kind of faith. She just knows that God is real and she loves Him.  She has been asking for a while about baptism, but something has always held her back. And, honestly, I was OK with that because she is only SIX. I want her to make a life decision and KNOW what she is doing.  So, I was OK with her taking a little extra time.

About a year ago she witnessed a baptism at church and asked me later why that lady took a bath in her CLOTHES at CHURCH!? I explained to her what baptism was and what it meant and her response was "well, I love Jesus too, when do I get to do that?" We have some literature on baptism for little ones and we have read through it over and over and over and over ... for a year.  And every time we've read it, when we get to the part about choosing baptism, she would say not yet. I just wasn't sure why.

This summer I wondered if maybe she was afraid of going under the water. So we practiced in the pool. And in the lake. And in the bath tub. We practiced all over the place. But she still said not yet. And I still was not sure why.

This morning she brought it up and we talked it all over again. And I asked her again if she thought she was ready yet. And she, again, said no. So, this time I asked her why.  And what she said both made me giggle and broke my heart.  She said "I don't want to go to Heaven" and she started to cry.

I was a little worried at this point...

I asked her WHY she didn't want to go to Heaven and she said "I don't want to die, I would miss my house and my friends and I would miss YOU mommy!!!"

That sweet girl thought that she would head on up to Heaven as soon as she got baptized.

I tried to hold in the giggles as I told her that she would not die soon. That she would probably be a very old lady before she died - that it would hopefully be a VERY long time before she went to Heaven.

And then the bus came.

So, fast forward to after school. I am running around cleaning the kitchen and getting ready to head out the door to Bible study. I'm explaining to the girls that as soon as daddy got home I would be leaving but would be home before bed time, etc...  And suddenly Sophie looks at me and says "mommy, if I get baptized, who will put me in the water?"  I told her that she could choose. It could be daddy, or pastor Andy or Mommy or ...

"I want Mr Jerry to baptize me ... or Mrs Polly" (Mr Jerry & Mrs Polly are Sunday school teachers that she just LOVES and has loved forever!).

"Well, I said, how about Mr Jerry AND Mrs Polly?"  She was thrilled at the thought of BOTH of them baptizing her and declared herself ready to be a Christian. So I stopped what I was doing and we talked about it. And I gave her the phone and she texted Mrs Holly (our children's director) and told her that she wanted to be baptized.

Daddy came home, we discussed it a little more with him, read her book over again and then we prayed with her. And our baby girl told Jesus that she loved Him, that she was soooo sorry for her sin and that she wanted to follow Him, to do the right things and that she wanted to go to Heaven. We walked her through a prayer where she declared her belief in God and the cross and Resurrection. And, just like that, my girl is a Christian.

She called and told her grandparents and we took pictures and texted a bunch of people and celebrated with ice cream.

And she called and asked the two sweetest people you have EVER met, Mr Jerry and Mrs Polly, to please baptize her. I think they were a little shocked, but they were thrilled and agreed. Now we just need to talk to Mrs Holly and figure out when.

And, oh my WORD, will I flood you all with pictures when it happens.

Praise His Holy Name! I am just beside myself with the greatest joy I have ever known. To know that I will be with my baby in Heaven ... Oh, PRAISE HIM!!!!!

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Amanda Schrieber said...

i can't wait till Sunday! i will be praising and rejoicing right along with you! such a BIG and most important decision. the BEST one she could ever make! but she certainly has two great examples right under her roof leading her in this way! so happy for her, for you!