Saturday, November 5, 2011


I have noticed friends on facebook and twitter playing a game (not really a game, but you get me...) every November celebrating 30 Days of Thanks. I have always wanted to play along, but seeing as how I lack (sorely) in the follow through department, I never have actually, ya know, followed through.

But this year I AM going to play.

I've already started on the other social media obsessions sites, so now I shall start here on the ol blog!

Now, this is the 5th, so I have some catching up to do....

1. I am thankful for my husband.  Lord only knows what that man sees in me, or why the Lord saw fit to Bless my life with someone so wonderfulm but I am NOT complaining!  Blessed is what I am.  Extremely Blessed!

2. I am thankful for my children.  My boys (and sweet daughter in love) - brought to me through the gift of my marriage. And my girls - brought to me through the gift of adoption. All brought to US through the gift of Grace ... so Blessed!

3. I am thankful for my fRamily (yes, that IS how you spell it!!) - friends you love like family and family you would choose for friends.  So many people have seen us through this life so well.  We are Blessed indeed.

4. I am thankful for food to eat - yesterday I was watching Beth Moore on Life Today and, of course, taking notes (TOTAL note taker here!). As her portion of the show was ending and I was finishing writing stuff down, Sophie came into the room.  They had moved on to show some of the children that their ministry strives to save - children literally dying of hunger and the diseases they are too weak to fight off, due to their hunger.  I looked at my daughter - the one who loves food ... cooking, preparing, serving and eating it, LOVES food! - and saw that she was STARING at the television in awe and wonder at what she was seeing.  She asked me what was wrong with those babies, so I told her that they do not have enough food to eat, they are very hungry and it is making them VERY sick.  We talked about it for a few minutes - no honey, they don't HAVE grocery stores or McDonald's or even a wal mart. Nope.  They just don't have food like we do.  She looked up at me and told me that it made her heart want to cry. Later, when we were praying at breakfast she asked if she could pray for the sick babies on the tebelision.  So we did.  And I begged God in that moment to NEVER let her know that hunger ... but to PLEASE give her a heart that WANTS to understand.  A heart that loves and wants to serve others.  The hands and feet of Jesus. I pray she never forgets what she learned in our king sized bed in the warm, dry house where cabinets overflow with all that we need to survive.

5. Today I am thankful for my camera and the little bit of financial assistance that it affords our family.  Those children of ours - Steven, Chris & Mindy, will NEVER know the dream that the Christmas gift sparked in me and how it is NOW a tool to help us all out while I am able to capture memories for OTHER families. As well as our own.  BLESSED.

So ... what are YOU thankful for?

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