Friday, November 4, 2011

One of THOSE Days

You know the one.  The one that beats you down and attempts to leave you twistin in the wind.

(note: I have always wanted to use the expression "twistin in the wind" ... one slightly twisted advantage to THOSE days.)

I wish I could pin point where the day started heading south. I wish I could make that connection and pop something up in the bulletin board of my mind in big red letters:


Then I would know how to keep from having THOSE days.

But I don't know when it started. I can't tell you why it happens. And, I am not able to pin point and thus avoid the trigger.  And that stinks.

But maybe I am not supposed to know.

MAYBE, I am not supposed to avoid those trigger points.

Because maybe, if I did know and could avoid and were able to stay happy all the time, maybe that would not be really living.

Maybe we are supposed to have THOSE days.

Maybe we are meant to be reminded that this is not what it is all about.

Reminded that I am not supposed to float through my day in some 50's sitcom bubble in which my house is clean, my hair is done, pearls adorn my neck and my legs look rockin between the perfect puffy skirt and the 4inch heels.

Reminded that SOME days the junk is supposed to pile high on the kitchen table. I am supposed to barely make it through my 4:20a.m. workout. I am meant to stay in the workout clothes all day long, thus smelling my not so fresh self And maybe I'm supposed to run my tongue across my teeth at 4:58pm and realize that I never even brushed my teeth today.

(note: you may now feel free to pray for my husband)

Maybe THOSE days exsist to remind us that this thing called life is NOT about us.  We are not here to be comfy and cute and safe and ... well, SELFISH.

Maybe, just maybe, I am meant to be reminded that I need Him.  That His mercies - the new every morning ones that we sing about on Sunday morning - are needed MORE than just every morning.  Sometimes we need them every five minutes.  Sometimes we find ourselves on our knees, calling out for those mercies from the depths of our souls  Maybe that is just where He wants us and we just need to be reminded sometimes.

Yeah ... it's been one of THOSE days.

Thank You Lord.  Let me use THIS day ... and all of THOSE days ... to Your great fame!

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Mary Beth said...

Becky Jo - thank you for sharing your stories and photos of your beautiful family - I love getting to "know" you all! :) It's been too long since we 3-Day'ed :)