Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Princess, a Cat and Two Things ... Oh MY!

For MONTHS Hattie has told me she wanted to be the Cat in The Hat.  MOTNTHS - 11.5 months to be precise.  If not 12.  She may have even started telling me as we were removing that Tigger costume LAST Halloween.  She was pretty set on it.

Sophie, on the other hand, has changed HER mind no less than 12 times, but always came back to a pirate (which is what she was last year).  I searched high and low for a "acceptable" outfit.  We had squeezed her into a toddler outfit last year and it was sweet.  But, this year she was going to need a child's size.

And, y'all, let me tell you that child size girl pirate costumes are NOT for children.

I'm sorry, I wanted a pirate outfit ... not a pirate's HO! (sorry, it is what it is!)

I looked EVERYWHERE!  And, aside from the Jack Black/Official Disney/Sorry Kid, But Ya Might Wanna Go To College Someday/Ridonculously Expensive costumes, there was just not much acceptable for an actual CHILD to wear!  But I persevered people, I was one determined mama.  

And then, there in the Christmas Tree Shoppe ... on the last picked through costume rack standing ... there it was.  There was a boy in the costume on the package, but it could work for a girl and it was less than $10.

And the angels sang.

But as we made our way to the cashier, Soph dropped a bomb shell.  

"Mama, I don't wanna be a pirate.  I wanna be a princess. I think we need to find a REEEEAAALLLY pretty, sparkly dress.  OK?!"

Ummmm, sweetie, we have eleventy seven pretty dresses at home, what's say we wear one of them?

(here is where my future years as a mother of teenage girls flashed before my eyes and I, once again, begged Jesus to return before that happens)

"UGH! Moooooooom! (eyes rolling, arms folding, attitude flinging) .... **long drawn out pause** ... welllll, OK, but it BETTER be sparkly!"

And on the way home she informed me that she did not want to be just ANY princess.  NO, she wanted to be Rapunzel.  Blonde hair and all.

My olive skinned, brunette, curly headed baby wanted to be the chic with the long, straight, blonde hair.

Well, allrighty then...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 

A Princess, A Cat and Two Things!!!

 Seriously, how different does she look as a blonde?!
 Rapunzel dance - complete with singing at the top of her lungs in the front yard!

 Cat dance ... notice arm in the sling ... yeah, she is broken!)

 (Soph cracks herself up!  LOL)

 Snow White, in our story, will be played by the lovely Cassie Marie!
 Jumping out of her skin as the hand in the bowl both moved and spoke as she reached in for her goodies!

 No Cat would be complete without her Thing 1 & Thing 2 companions, would she?!
 They are OFF!!!!!

This pic was taken on the way to trick or treating ... kinda spooky and totally appropriate for Halloween, is it not?!

See ya tomorrow!!!

2 of ya left some love:

Groovewoman said...

I LOVE the pictures... you have an adorable Rapunzel and the cutest Cat in the Hat I've ever laid eyes on!
I seriously love the fact that you and the hubs dressed up like Thing 1 & Thing 2! ♥♥♥

Kelly said...

ADORABLE all of you!