Friday, May 28, 2010


Yep ... that's right ... THIRTY TWO POUNDS!

And, as you can imagine, I am just a tad bit excited about it.

Had a rough couple of weeks through the move and everything leading up to it. So rough that even my quiet time suffered. And, let me just tell you that if I am not doing right by God, you can believe that I won't be doing right by ME!

The sad thing is that I spent a couple weekends with some of my best girls and letting God love on me fully through them and through His word. Then I came home SOOOO on fire for Him and for life and for wholeness through HIM.

Then the move stuff literally slammed me in the face.

I had a plan in my head. I had it all figured out. Then we got the keys and the house was ... let's just say NOT clean. So the weekend that my man was away, the weekend I had planned to start moving small stuff over and getting the old house organized and ready to go, well, it was spent cleaning the new house instead.

So, I did what I always do during stress/emotion/fatigue - I let everything that keeps me grounded fly out the window. Quiet time, workout time healthy eating, even drinking my water, all of it out. HOWEVER, rather than eating JUNK and going backwards, I did have a small victory in that I managed, somehow, to pretty much just stand still. I gained two pounds through it all and they went away again as soon as I stopped needing all the caffeine that I seemed to need with the move and stuff. Because - OF COURSE - I got the caffeine in not just a cup of coffee (which had become the norm), but in frappe's and frappucinos and in LARGE doses of diet coke ... LARGE doses. Yes, it's diet, but still ...

And, at the same time that all of this was happening, my sweet Dedra - my early morning or ANY time of the day phone call/text accountability partner - was going through her own stuff. So we were BOTH off our game a bit.

But, it was just a short detour ...

And, now I am BACK ... back in the Word, back in the real world and back in the game.

And, I am gonna challenge any of you that need to get back on the fitness train ... or even board for the first time ... to join me. I am documenting the journey HERE. Come join me. There is ALWAYS room for accountability/support partners and friends on this train!

3 of ya left some love:

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I am sending some love your way sweet friend! I am sorry that you were thrown for a loop, but so glad that you made it through! God is so good, isn't He? He just supplies and supplies for His children.

Praising GOd with you for the 32 pounds!!

Kate said...

so can you fly fish with them fish fly's? Ewww, I don't like buggage, but they are kinda cool looking from 1400 miles away. :)

Lu U friend!

sanjeet said...

That is still awesome! Keep up the good work.
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