Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project 365 - Week 21 ... I think ...

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We have been busy lately ... VERY busy.

I took a trip out of town ...

We moved ...

Craziness has been the norm around these parts. And, while I have remembered to TAKE pictures for this project, I have not had time, gumption or either/both to post them.

All that to tell you - BEWARE!!!! You are about to go into picture overload.

Now, I am not even gonna try to organize my thoughts enough to put dates on all of them and we are just gonna do quick explanations of each. I hope that's OK.

Here we go...
Bed Head - she wears it well!

Bubbles! (I was trying some new camera settings)

Sweet Mercy ... it's available year round now! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!

The Ryman - Took a little trip with my besties! We started off in Nashville. Trying a new setting on the camera, I got this pic of a rose with the Ryman Building in the background! (Just a few short weeks later it was threatened by the Nashville flooding)

ROAD TRIP!! The next day we ventured to Atlanta. This sweet thang is my Sweet Nikki! LOVE her!

Mama Beth - Live and in person, in all her hair glory - Beth Moore! It was so sweet of all those women to come out to hear Beth speak a personal word over me and me alone!!

Family - this is what they do when you pull out the camera ... they RUN! That handsome fella is my nephew Duncan who graduated from High School just this last Friday!

Back to the real world ... at least I had a helper with the house chores!

This was the end of this pair of glasses. Within 5 minutes of this picture the left arm was no longer attached.

Chris ... that's (one of) my boy(s)!

Drummer Girl - Elmo was learning all about drums, so she needed one of her own. An empty oatmeal container and a spoon did the trick!

Venturing through our new neighborhood we found a little park.

New House Playdate! It turned into a cleaning date, but we had fun along the way! (that's a whole lotta curly right there!)

Tuckered out. What you cannot see here is that from the waste down, she was buck nekked!

Smilin for her big brother's camera!

Finally clean and ready for the furniture!

Nothin says Cinco de Mayo like a good strand of MardiGras beads! This is what the mexican restaurant was giving away as favors! (wha?!)

OK, she's just cute!

Moving Day!!! Shauna was helping to put the legs on the couch. Do not even ASK what she is laughing at - this is a family friendly blog after all!

SURPRISE!! A birthday party for my Bro in love John, given by his sweet girlfriend Jean.

Mother's Day

This was taken a few days earlier (oops) I had just loaded the pantry shelves when everything came tumbling down on top of me. The shelves were not attached to the studs, just the drywall. Fun, huh?!

And, this one was taken the day of John's party (second oops) off of the pier in Jean's backyard. Beautiful!

The laundry room is more accessible now and she LOVES watching the clothes spin and the bubbles flow!

THIS is what you get when your toddler puts a piece of plastic tubing up her nose ... waaaaayyyy up her nose. Luckily we were the only ones in the ER and it was a quick trip!

I asked the girls what they wanted for dinner. One said granola bars and the other said popcorn. I was too tired to resist, so we had a little carpet picnic. Please, don't judge...

A fenced backyard offers a LOT of outdoor playtime!

I FINALLY have my big bed back. Of course the very next day I changed to the summer quilt. It's gettin warm around here!

just playin with my camera

I have a new job - I get to watch this little guy, Eli, 2 or 3 times a week ... and they PAY me!

Shopping Buddy! She was so worn out that not even a trip to the bux could keep her awake!

(NOTE: her drink was of the DEcaffeinated variety!)

Testing out the benefits of sunset lighting!

I don't even know what's happenin here ... I got nuthin.

But I know a few rock stars that better watch their steps! This one might just take over in a few years!

Our church is doing a series called Servolution - all about being called to serve people in the name of Jesus. This was a service week and Hubbs & I participated by doing a little yard work for a group home. This is just a small glimpse of what we did!

So, how was YOUR week? Or ... ya know ... month?

8 of ya left some love:

sara said...

these were GREAT!!! I have missed you on here!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

YIPEE - I love the catch up on pictures... the ones of all the sleeping people make me tired!

I know people who will be thrilled that the coffee mate pepp. is year round too!

Hey - picnic nights in the middle of the floor are what kids will remember most & how cool their mommy is!

McCrakensx4 said...

blogged over from Sara' you are one busy momma! Your girls are so very cute! Love the little on in her pretty dress! Congrats on your move and new house!

Kate said...

LOVE 'em!

Kelly said...

Wow that is a mouthful. Yeah to be moved in. Love that you have a fenced yard. I think you will like that. Great pics. Liked the sunset setting. I would use that again. Glad to see you slowing down enough to get back on here.

Lisa said...

Um wow! So THAT's what you've been doing. Ca-RAE-Zee!! Great, great pics, the whole way through. I love that even amidst so much going on, kids will be kids.

Tori said...

So good to "see" you again! So fun to see Beth Moore! I saw her in November.
Congrats on the new house. Seems like you are settling in well.
Tubing up the nose does not sound fun!
Have a super week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Wow! That WAS a lot of pictures!! But I enjoyed every one! AND the brief descriptions. ;)

Love the Beth Moore, the curly hair, the sleeping BIG boy, the carpet picnic, the big bed, the bubbles, the babies, and the rock star!!

Sorry about the trip to the ER. That stinks. (Get it?? LOL)