Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Saturday afternoon, on our way home from an outing, Hattie sat in the car looking out the window with a dreamy look in her eye. She said to me "Mommy, is it windy?"

(pause here to point out the fact that she not only made an observation and voiced it, but she initiated a conversation... I KNOW! My sweet communicative challenged girl!)

I looked at her in the rear view mirror and said "yes Honey, it IS windy"!

A few minutes later she spoke again.

"Mommy ... I want to fly a kite please."

And my mama heart leaped within my chest and became determined to help my girl fly a kite! So, when we arrived home as we were getting out of the car I looked at my man and asked him to get back in the car and take his girl to get a kite.

And he did. As a matter of fact, he got BOTH of his girls a kite.
Princesses for Sophie.

Buz & Woody for Hattie.

He then proceeded to teach his girls to fly a kite.

Well, one of his girls anyway...

Sophie was a little more interested in the weeds ... er, I mean the pwetty fwowers!!

But, bless his heart, he tried.
And, bless her heart, she was just thrilled. Can ya tell?

She did enjoy watching sister fly hers though!

Now, ya HAD to see this one coming!

Awww MAN!

So, the focus shifted to the play set!

And picking more pwetty fwowers!

And just bein plain stinkin adorable!

Now, that is what I would call a great day!

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j said...

Why yes...that does look like a good day (followed by a great weekend too!). Wonderful the upclose Hattie ones on playset. And the kite ones bring me back to "Mary Poppins,"leaving me convinced that your day must have been "practically perfect in every way!"