Monday, October 26, 2009

This Mom Thing Is A ROLLER COASTER!!

Full of ups and downs, ins and outs and even a few twists and turns.

But, one this is for sure, it is NEVER boring!

(here is where I would normally break out the pictures and tell you a story ... sadly, once again, I had a download mishap and lost a WHOLE MESS of pictures. Which would ALSO explain the lack of Project 365 post yesterday! DERN!)

But, ever the resilient story teller, I will make due with some not so new pics.

Because, really, what is a post without a little bit of THIS ...

Or this ...

I mean, come on, it's not like y'all come here for the WORDS or anything!!!

So, back to the roller coaster ...

Just within the last week, I have had a whirlwind of emotions due to this whole motherhood extravaganza! For instance ...

Sophie has most assuredly hit the two's. I hesitate to call them the "terrible" 2's, but there are moments!!!

Like the time she tore ALL of the stuffing out of her Tinkerbell pillow that her Auntie Weezer made for her.

Or the time that she thought that she would "help" me with my Bible study and fill in a few pages for me.

Or that lovely time (or seven) when she decided that she did NOT need clothes on and that I was taking a little too long to get her out of bed. So, I found her buck nekked waiting for me when I got back there.

However, it's not all bad, this turning two thing. It brings with it a great many Blessings. The vocabulary, for example, is SUCH a joy.

Sophie is a born narrator. She tells us everything she's doing AS she does it.

She bounces on her sisters bed, all the while calling out "I bountTHing" (she has a bit of a lisp, or JUMPS in her bed crying out "I jumping"! But, my favorite (and least favorite all at the same time) is, as she dances around the room she says "I dancing" - except, somehow, dancing sounds more like a word that rhymes with "wexy" and it STILL freaks me ... out every single time!

And, then, just this morning we were watching Cinderella. The mean step sisters had left for the ball after tearing our girl's dress to shreds. The Fairy Godmother had not shown up yet and Cinderella was crying in the garden. Sophie pointed at the screen and said "she sad". I agreed that, yes, she was, indeed, crying. Sophie JUMPS off the couch, runs to the TV and pats the screen and asks "why you sad Lella?" But Cinderella just kept crying, so she stood up on her tippy toes, kissed the screen and said "all bettew". During this time the Godmother had arrived and was fixing everything, so Cinderella had become happy again. I think, for Sophie's sake, we'll just let her keep thinking it was her sweet words and kiss that did the trick!

Yes, being Sophie's mommy is an adventure.

But, being Hattie's mommy is just as much of a roller coaster, if - at times - not more so!

Friday I got a call from school telling me that our girl had fallen during therapy and whacked her face on the floor. they told me that she seemed to be OK and was acting fine. Since it was just over an hour before she would be home we decided to let her finish the day and come home. And, except for the rug burn across her nose, cheek and eye, she did seem fine. She played well, ate well and fought with her sister just like normal. So much so that we decided to go through with previous plans.

So, we went to a home group meeting that we are starting at church for adoptive families. I am SO excited about this group, I can hardly stand it!!! Then, about 8:30/8:45 Hattie started acting very lethargic and listless. It was past her bedtime on a Friday night so I didn't think much of it. We came home and I took her temp to be safe. Normal. I asked her if her face hurt, she said it did and that her tummy hurt too. And then a little bit later she vomited.

I went into panic mode. A couple of things went through my mind - either we had just exposed a whole bunch of people (including 2 newborns and a 7mo old) to the flu OR she had a concussion. I dreaded BOTH possibilities. But, as soon as she had thrown up she started acting fine again. She played on the couch for an hour (so I could keep an eye on her) before I decided that she was OK and put her to bed. Just to be safe I woke her up a few times through the night to be SURE she was OK.

She woke up Saturday and was herself again. She played with the cats - and, by "play", I mean she made their lives miserable! - danced around the room and chased her sister to get her bedtime bear back. Normal. Until about an hour later when she suddenly started vomiting again.

After speaking with Hubby's sister ( who is a nurse) and the pediatrician's office, it was decided that we should take Hattie in to have her checked out. So, Hattie and I went to the ER. Normally, any mention of medical personnel or their facilities bring out a panic attack in our girl - there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth involved! But, this time, when I told her where we were going, all she said was "doctor check my belly and my nose and my eye?" She knew exactly why we were going and she went willingly.

She vomited one more time just before we left - more of dry heave though since she had pretty much emptied her tummy. Then, on our way out the door, she grabbed her water bottle out of the fridge. By the time we got to the ER, she had downed the water, was BEGGING me for food and had transformed into a chatty kathy doll.

The fact that she played with the nurse who took her vitals and ANSWERED ALL OF THE DOCTOR'S QUESTIONS is a miracle in and of itself!

Once the doc had assessed the situation, it was decided that the vomiting was in no way related to the fall. Nor did she have a flu or other virus - she never had a fever through the whole ordeal - and I checked quite a few times and she was in NO way acting like she was sick. So, he thinks that she may have had a VERY mild case of food poisening or other GI track situation that, once out of her system, she was fine. We were advised to watch her carefully and sent on our merry way. When we got home she helped herself to her sister's cheetos and fritos (healthy snack, I know ...), downed another bottle of water and emptied half a pack of graham crackers. And, I figure, if all of THAT can stay down, she must be OK.

And, I was right. She never had another problem all weekend. In fact anytime I asked her if her face or belly hurt, she said "NOPE, all better!".

And THAT is a prayer answered right there!

I do have a few picture from the church Harvest party that I managed to save. Once they are edited I will post those for you. I also have a few fall color shots for you too. So, stay tuned...

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Michelle V said...

I love that Sophie is axious to start doing Bible study already! ;) Too cute! (Although I'm sure it wasn't that cute at the time for you.)

My youngest has always been an oddly quick rebounder when sick. He could seem deathly ill all morning and just when I'm ready to think it's something scary and serious, he could suddenly be all better and like a whole new kid!

Love & Blessings

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Children are just the greatest joy and biggest blessing!

Meli n Pat said...

A friend's little girl used to dance in her crib, naked, and would also singingly call out, "Dancing....Naked...!" I thought I would bust laughing! Apparently, it's a common condition!

prerna said...

LOL.. My toddler is 21 months and I can quite relate to Sophie's antics:-)
Isn't this the most adorable(!!) job in the world??

j said...

Glad to see you back! Yes, motherhood is such an adventure, but you wear it well...those 2 beautiful girls that God chose just for you! Love how Sophie tried to comfort the TV...great stories. All of us moms can relate to this post, the panic and fear of injuries, the frustration of tantrums, the joy of watching your children come into their own, and such sweet innocence...the beautiful story of motherhood! Thanks for sharing.