Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fierce Like That

So, today I noticed a very strong smell in my home.

A smell emanating from one VERY cute little rumpus.

I tried to ignore the smell for as long as possible, but it just would NOT go away.

Finally I looked at Sophie and decided to get to the bottom of the stench.

(get it, bottom ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ... Oh, come ON, that was funny!)

(Ahem ... never mind)

Here is how the conversation went down.

Me: Buggie, did you poo?

Sophie: Piaper? (that would be diaper)

Me: You need a new diaper?

Sophie: Yeah

Me: Are you stinky?

Sophie: Fo shizzle!


Fo shizzle?

Who am I raising here?

Whoever she is, she is FIERCE!

9 of ya left some love:

Fran said...


You go girl!!!! And, yes that did make me smile.

Melinda said...

Fo Shizzle???? Really??

She SLAYS me!!

Do you rent them out?

XO Melinda

Rebecca Jo said...

That's awesome! Little Snoop Baby there!

sara said...

She is so cute!!! you need to get that on video!!

Michelle V said...

Love it! Sooo cute!!

cheryl said...

do we know what fo shizzle is? cute!!!!

Meli n Pat said...


j said...

Cute! :) too funny...they learn and repeat everything, don't they?!

Both my kids say the word "actually" and "totally" in their everyday language...ANd to be honest with you, I actually have totally no idea who they got that from? :)

angie128 said...

Love. That. Picture.