Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cinderella Is Gonna Need A New Ride

The other day as I was taking Hattie out for the bus I noticed that the sun was hitting the changing leaves on the trees in such a way that the leaves literally looked like they were on fire ...

Stunning, isn't it?

And, I am tellin you, these photos are completely untouched!

Those colors?

That vibrance?

That ART?

It is ALL GOD, my friends, all God!

On Saturday, Hattie and I were returning from the ER and I noticed that there was a rogue squirrel hanging around the fall decorations on our lawn. Upon closer inspection it looked like he (or she?) had been pickin at one of the pumpkins. There were a few scratch marks at the top.

By Monday morning the entire top of the pumpkin had been removed and it's contents thoroughly picked through.

This afternoon I noticed that he had started on a second pumpkin. The very top of it had been picked loose. I thought I would take a picture of it but when I came inside I found that the camera batteries were dead.

Before I could get new batteries in, I got a little distracted. Finally, after about an hour, I got out there, camera in hand, and found this...

It had gone from a few picks at the top...

...to completely mangled...

...in just ONE HOUR!

Yeah, at this rate, Cinderella is gonna need a new ride fo sho!!

4 of ya left some love:

sara said...

those pictures are so beautiful!!!

I didn't know squirrels liked pumpkins!!

Michelle V said...

What a rude little squirrel! ;)

j said...

hilarious (at least they weren't getting drunk on fermented pumpkin!)...love the cinderella comment. you have a great witty sense of humor and i love it! beautiful fall photos. i've also been loving the fall trees, truly enjoyed my recent trip out to drop brooke off at dance where it seemed i was driving through a tunnel of clustered amber, fire and golden trees....i've snapped one or two myself to post later...truly breathtaking and a work of THE best artist around...our God, Creator of everything beautiful. lovely photos RS!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Love the pictures! Leaves are just so beautiful when they are turning.