Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project 365 - Week 5

Project 365

Once again, Sara is hosting the Project 365 fun, and I have been having so much fun visiting all of the other participants - it is AMAZING how much you can learn about a person with a once a day snapshot into their lives!!! If you visit Sara you can find links to a whole bunch of other blogs offering this weekly insight into their worlds!

In the meantime, HERE is a glimpse into ours:

Jan. 26 - Now, isn't the snow just so stinkin' pretty when in is new fallen and sparkling in the warm sun? Yeah ...

Well, don't let it fool ya, cause in just a few short minutes (23 to be exact) it can go from this lovely shot to this ...

... Seriously, will it EVER stop? I mean, c'mon!!!

By the way, Mr. Al Gore, if you would like to come explain that "global warming" thing to me, that would be groovy. 'Cause, I gotta tell ya, I just aint gettin' it!

And, maybe you can shovel my walks while your here!!

Jan. 27 - Yeah, I finally caught the bug that has been spending some quality time amongst my family.

Jan. 28 - Sweet Miss Sophie Lee! I took this pic for a very specific purpose, if ya scroll down to the next post you will see why. However, if you are visiting from Sara's sight, you only get this post, so I will give you a clue. This is Sophie, and THIS ...

... is Sophie's Daddy - the man of my dreams - many moons ago. See how they look so much alike? Yeah, she IS her daddy's girl!
Hey, did I happen to mention that we adopted our little angel?
Yeah, God is just that BIG!!!

Jan. 29 - You will have to excuse the quality of this pic, it was taken on my cell phone. But this was the day I had been waiting for! Our new Bible Study - Esther; It's Tough Being A Woman - started. The lady on the screen is the author. You may know her, she is my PBFF (Pretend Best Friend Forever), a little lady by the name of Beth Moore!
Yeah, she kinda ROCKS!!!!

Jan. 30 - Sweet Belle came to play today! So did Caleb and Cassie, but I forgot the camera while they were here! Let's just say there was a bit more "energy" when they were here!!!

Jan. 31 - Hubby has re-caught the dreaded bug. I tried real hard to keep the girls quiet so he could sleep in, but to no avail. THIS is a picture of my peace offering.
Noting says "please forgive me, Baby" like some good 'ol comfort breakfast food!
And, yeah, he forgave. He is just a little awesome that way!
So, that was our week ... how was yours?

11 of ya left some love:

Kim said...

Man, those pancakes look so good! I'm getting hungry looking at Project 365 blogs. EVERYONE HAS FOOD PHOTOS! LOL

We had friends who adopted two brothers and one looked just like the mom and the other just like the dad. Yeah, God is that good!

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

The picture of Sophie and her daddy as a little one is precious!!!! I love the idea of a picture a day. Now if I could only find my camera....

Have a blessed day!


Dena said...

Great pictures!

We are just starting in with bug around here, so I'll be doing shots of Nyquil too.

Oh, and when Al is done shoveling your walks, will you please send him my way? We have drifts over my head and I'd love to hear his whole global warming theory too, because I'm not seeing any of it around here. :)

sara said...

Hey if you get an answer from it!!! :)

love the picture of sophie and then her daddy...too cute!!

fortunately, we have missed the but around here (knock on wood) but I think because we are not cooped up from the cold weather!!!

Have a great week

LuAnn said...

Great pics this week. YOur daughter's picture and your husbands is amazing!

Lisa said...

I'm with you with Mr. Gore...I'd love to hear him re-tell him theory while bundled up in my house!

The baby pictures are simply unbeleivable! And I totally agree, just one picture every day tells such a!

Gina said...

Love the picture comparison - that is just amazing. Hope you are feeling better!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

That first picture is just beautiful! And actually, I like the second one, too, since we usually don't get more than a dusting if anything. :-)

I love the pictures of Sophie and her daddy...that is just the coolest.

I'm with ya on Beth Moore....LOVE HER.

Loved your pictures this week, too! Have a great week!

Nise' said...

Sparkly snow is so pretty! Love it that you watch bethmoore on a big screen. I want to to that study next.

Edie said...

I loved all of your photos. The snow was beautiful in both pictures. But I know if I was there I would want it to stop. Can't handle too much cold.

Adorable pictures of the kids (including Sophie's twin) lol.

Becky said...

What great variety! I love that your little Sophia (who is cute as a bug in her sleeper) looks just like your man. God is great! Blessings to you and yours.