Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Only Hair ... Right?

So, things here in B manor ("things" being MONEY) are a bit tight this Christmas. And, in an effort to limit what we spend, hubbs and I are trying to come up with gestures to show our love, rather than things!

Now, as you may have read yesterday, we did buy some gifts for each other (the cell phone for me and some clothes from WILDERNESS HEAVEN for him), but we got smoking good deals on everything we purchased, and, except for the phone (yes, I am ashamed), it was all stuff we needed. And, JUST FOR THE RECORD - after the WalMart fiascoes, I did tell him to forget it and just get me Mamma Mia. Because, THAT is a necessity!!! Just ask Teri or SuperModel!!!

We have decided that that is all we are going to spend on us though. PERIOD.

So, in an effort to perform a grand gesture of kindness and love towards my man, I have devised a plan ...

Bwah Ha Ha Ha!!!

Truth be told, he does not like short hair on ladies. I have very short hair. And I am the only lady I want him looking at! So, I've decided to grow my hair out a little.

Now, I KNOW that I do not look good with LONG hair, so I am not gonna go crazy. But, I figured I can grow it out some ( a little at a time to see how it goes). And I have found a few pics that I like, and that I HOPE he will like as well...

Here is where you come in. I need a little help deciding! I am gonna show you the pics and then, if you would be so kind, please head on over to my sidebar and cast your vote. And then, if you would be so kind-ER, please leave me a little comment to tell me your thoughts.

See, the written word is one of my love languages and, y'all, I NEED LOVE!!!

(PS - that y'all was just for you Frannie!!!)

Here are the choices:

No. 1 - Still a bit messy, but long enough to make my man happy ... this would, however, require me to dig out the old hairdryer and curling iron.

No. 2 - Not as messy, shorter in the back, but longer up front.

No. 3 - this one can go messy or neat, it is longer all around. This would require the styling implements FOR SURE! It's kinda Meg Ryan-y in French Kiss

No. 4 - This one is still short in back, longer in front, but choppy and messy and maybe not as MUCH styling stuff needed.

No. 5 - OR, I could go a little retro. Like Audrey Hepburn in How To Steal A Million.
Now, if this style could just come with her neck and lack of many chins...
Can't have everything I guess!!
So, please let me know what ya think! And then I will print the pic out and frame it for his stocking with a letter of explanation!
Man, I must really love that man!

8 of ya left some love:

Fran said...

Oh gosh....this is tough. I like #1 and #4 myself. Either one would be beautimus on you!!!!

Go girl go!

Rachel said...

I think that # 3 is Really cute and would look Great on you!

Becky said...

I like 2 or 5 but I am a little biased because I like Audry :-D I think more length on top and in front lengthens your neck and takes frumpiness away from the shoulder area. Works for my mom ;-) Can't wait to see what you choose.

j said...

I like #2...and if you are diggin' it, grow it out a bit in the back and you'll have #1!

j said...

plus with #2- you can still give it a messy look.

The B's said...

I think you will look the best with number 1.

Alana said...

I'm gonna go with #3! Do you have a friend/follower widget? I came over to return the following, but I can't find one! Hope you are well...Merry Christmas!

calista said...

I think number 3 is the winner. I don't believe it will require as many implements as you think. A little gel and some blow drying at the most. I like the flip in the back, sorta fun. And the top is long enough to frame your face a little without being in your eyes. I think this one is IT.