Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Baby Changes Everything

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I was cleaning around the house today and had Faith Hill's Christmas special on in the background. Love me some Christmas music :)

Then, I heard her introducing this song and stopped to listen.

I am telling ya, it rocked my world...

I cannot even begin to imagine being in Mary's shoes. Oh, the faith it took to trust in God's plan!! She was just a teenager and she allowed God to use her in such a huge way. She let him change her world and turn it upside down. She took a chance on losing everything - her family, respect of her community, her LIFE, her betrothed. Had Joseph chosen to accuse her, she could have been killed. Had no one believed her, she could have been imprisoned or cast out.

But SHE believed.

She believed God. She believed the Angel. And she believed Joseph.

And, because she did what she was asked by God to do ...

A Baby Changed EVERYTHING!

Merry Christmas - I pray that you know the ONE True joy of this season. Please let Him change YOU!!!

7 of ya left some love:

Becky said...

Awesome song. Its one of my faves all year round.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Quite possibly my new favorite. I had not heard that one before. Thanks for sharing.

Fran said...

Merry Christmas sweet precious BFF!
Love ya much!

Kate said...

Never heard that song before...I like it. Well, I thought it was so-so until the end...then I was like...gulp...I love it.

Rebecca Jo said...

that song gives me the chills!

Ang baylis said...

I want Him to change me more this next year!
Merry Christmas!
Angie xoxo