Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vacation Memories - and other Randomness

Our vacation started on an airplane. Hattie is an old pro, but it was Sophie's first trip.

Next trip, I think we will buy her her own seat... She was fid-get-yyyyy!

This is my April Lei Lei - she is truly one of the best friends a girl could ask for! I love her mucho!!!
And this is Laura - love her too. And one time we went to Jamba Juice and ....

(Just kiddin' Laura, I won't tell 'em you hit a parked car in the parking lot!)

OK, this is the part that will make Hubby cringe if he knew I posted it ...

I was doing laundry one day, and found Sophie going through the whites pile...

Looks like she found a new toy!!

This is another friend Heather - AKA Roni. We spent a day at the park with her and two of her lovely children...
Hattie got to ride a camel - it was the desert, ya know!!!

This is Roni's youngest baby, Jarron. We spent the day ironing out the details of Jarron and Sophie's future wedding arrangement. And thanks to the fact that I brought food and Roni didn't, we paid our dowry and they are now officially betrothed!!! And, to think, a few chicken dinos and some grapes secured my daughter's future!

But look at that face, how could I resist?

And this is Roni's middle child, and only girl, Elly.

Seriously, does that girl make pretty kids or what?!?!?!

It is a well known fact that this vacation was planned around which restaurants not available here I could visit...
Sonic was first on the list!
And, the addiction is passed on to the next generation ...

My Maggie Magpie (and her Mom Diane and Bro Josiah) joined us for some In-N-Out ..
They and her Dad, Dirk (aka Bird Man), also joined us after church at Rubios, where Magpie and I had our usual "who can eat more of their bean N cheese burrito before it explodes and spills beans everywhere" challenge ... She totally won - this time!!!!! (no pics, sorry)

And, of course, we had to visit Chick-Fil-A .... Can ya say YUMMY!!!

Miss Sophie's walking skills took off!
And, THIS is what happens when little girls are learning to walk.
Thankfully, it happened AFTER family pictures!
And, first thing the next morning, she fell again and got a black eye.
OK, I have kids to feed and get to bed, so the rest of the pics and stories will have to wait.
Still to come, wedding fun and a family day at the park!!!! (I know, ya can't wait can ya?!?!?!)

2 of ya left some love:

Kelli said...

It was looking like lots of fun until that last picture. OUCHIE!! Poor Sophie. I hope her head is recoverying. Its a good thing God created babies to have tough foreheads!

Kelly said...

I Love Hattie's hair in the two ponies. Very cute.