Friday, April 11, 2008

PARTY!!!! Ahem, I mean... FIESTA!!!

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.~.~.~ Blogger is better now, see bottom for pictures!!! .~.~.~

Gotta love a Fiesta!! 
And this one is all about fashion.  Which I love - though that point may come into serious question by the end of this post.  I hereby warn you, if you are weak at (fashion) heart, to proceed with caution.Here is the concept....  Bigmama has a Fashion Friday each week where she hands out handy advice in the wardrobe department.  And she KNOWS her stuff!!!  This week, however, she has asked her loyal readers to post what we wear in our little lives.  AND she is giving stuff away.  And, although I am seriously afraid of the wrath that is to come by bearing my threads for all to see, I appreciate, well, STUFF!  So, here goes nothing...

Now, I am a HUGE fan of "What Not To Wear", and have even gone so far as to nominate myself for the show.  Hey, admitting you HAVE a problem is the first step to recovery!!!!!  BUT, I also live in mortal fear of Stacey and Clinton actually taking me up on my offer of public self-humiliation, because Stacy & Clinton are NOT big fans of the main staples of my wardrobe ...

...The Hoodie ...

... and the T-shirt (mostly concert shirts, but I am also a big fan of the pink ribbon and Big Dog varieties) ...

And then there is the way I dress the BOTTOM half af my being ...


OK, so Blogger is not letting me download the rest of the pictures at this time ... hmmm, maybe THEY are bothered by my fashion choices as well!But, had I been able to put the pictures up you would've seen my lovely plaid flannel PJ bottoms that came in the COSTCO multipack - pure bedtime fashion my friends!

Then there were the clothes I wear during waking hours (or, ya know, when there is a slight chance that I may be seen by those not in my immediate family!). They are my track pants - complete with racing stripes ('cause if I could only add up all the miles I have run in my life ... I might get from my La-Z-Boy to the end of my driveway. But, maybe not.) and my grey sweats. Now, to be honest, the track pants were pulled from the dryer - still wet - and the grey pants were taken from my body for the picture. Yes, I took the pic in my undies. But only 'cause my black sweats were in the washer.
I also have jeans - that I bought without trying them on and they are WAAAAAAAYYYYY to long ('cause I am perpendicularly challenged) so are torn and stained on the bottom. I have them in two colors - faded (casual) and dark (dressy). Sad, I know.

But, alas, all hope is NOT lost. I do have a few outfits for the dressier moments. Like when I actually have to stand at the front of the church and sing. Or Easter.Now, had I my own way, I would dress like her:


Of course, had I my own way I would also have her BODY!!! Must be much easier for HER to dress, what with all of the money, good figure, designers begging her to wear their clothes and did I mention BEAUTIFUL figure!?!?!?!but I am not bitter.

So, there ya have it ... or at least you would if BLOGGER WOULD COOPERATE!!!!(I will try to post the pics later... 'cause I know you are DYING to see my fashion goodness!)

.~.~.~.~.~.~ Here are the pants .~.~.~.~.~

.~.~.~ The "dressy" clothes .~.~.~.~

.~.~.~. And Ms. Reese!!.~.~.~

I feel better now!

6 of ya left some love:

Keetha said...

Oh goody - - - I get to be the FIRST to leave some love, unless you have a whole que of comments waiting to be approved AHEAD of mine.

I think it is WISE to opt for comfort over fashion. You go, girl!!! Life is too short to spend ANY OF IT in miserable clothes.

Leigh said...

I wanna look like Reese Witherspoon too!I enjoyed stopping by! I hope you can drop in on my fashion fiesta!

Keri said...

Oh my gosh Reese Witherspoon is gorgeous! She takes my breath away sometimes on the red carpet! I enjoyed your post, very clever and humorous! :)

Andrea said...

I pink puffy heart What Not To Wear too, and would LOVE to be given personal fashion advice about what would look great on ME!!

Please do try to post those pictures soon...I wanna see 'em!!

Valarie said...

I do something similar on Fridays, its called Fight the Frump with Fussy. We talk about fashion and stuff on there too. Thanks for stopping by my Blog, your names made me giggle. :)

Big Mama said...

Oh Reese. She is more than a mere mortal.

Thanks for joining in the Fiesta!