Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Weekend...

We here at B Manor had us a big, busy weekend!!! We ran ourselves ragged and - with the exceptions of a few meltdowns here and there - had a pretty groovy time!!! The kids did OK too!!!

FRIDAY - we met with a speech therapist for Hattie. She was OH SO encouraging and we have a renewed hope that H will be just fine with some time and effort - and OF COURSE many, many prayers! She saw where the autism word has come up and says that, yes, she does show signs, but feels that Hattie is just using coping methods and will get past them eventually. She will have to push her and make her unhappy at times, but Hattie has to learn to face stuff instead of shutting down. We are very excited to see what God has waiting for us down this path!!

That night we had Caleb and Cassie come over to play. Their mommy and daddy, along with Hubby and I, have a little system which allows each couple to have a date at least once a month. We watch their little ones and they watch ours. Friday was their turn so we got to play with Caleb and Cassie. ALL the kids had fun - they stayed up late, watched movies and turned our living room into a disaster area! But, they also helped clean it up and we are so proud of all of em!!!

Saturday - we got up early 'cause we had a BIG day planned. We tried to fix the printer, so we could get some pics for Kim - Sophie's Birthmom who we were meeting with later that day. It was not possible to fix so we had to run around like chickens trying to make a disc to take to Walgreen's to print pics out... So, basically RUN, RUN, RUN!!
The get together was GREAT!!! We got to see the girls together and they were old enough this time to really study each other. It was FABULOUS to see Kim again! Here are a few pics of the visit (Sophie is in the stripes and Breauna is in pink)...

Breauna was a sleepy girl but Sophie had slept for the entire 50 minute drive so she was good! After B slept for a while the girls had some chat time and were really cute together ... of course Steve had gone to pick up the pictures and had taken the camera with him. Kim had her camera and says she will send us some of the pictures! SOOOOOOO sweet!!!
Saturday night was a birthday party for our niece Kayla - sweet 16!!!! She is one of Hattie's favorite babysitters!!! And such a sweetie too! Of course Hattie got to sing the b-day song and have some cake so she was good!!!

TODAY - we went to church and then to COSTCO - exciting I know!!! Then came home where Hubby went outside to cut off part of a tree that is rubbing on the shed in the backyard, the tree promptly fell and got stuck in another tree. Hubby and the neighbor were trying to get it lose when is suddenly BROKE loose and went flying ... putting a HOLE in the roof of the shed!!!!! It is supposed to rain ALL WEEK LONG!
SO, after our small group Bible study, we went to Walmart and he went in to see what he could find to QUICKLY patch the roof till he could get a chance to repair it. And the brilliant man that he is came out with a big plastic "for sale" sign. And it worked PERFECTLY! MAN that man is brainy!!! I love him!!!!!

So, there ya go - except for the trip to Best Buy to pick up a new printer - that was our weekend! And now that I have mentioned the trip to Best Buy, your day is complete.
Well, I aim to please!!!!

2 of ya left some love:

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just READING about your weekend!

Sounds great, though!

Milk Mama said...

Aw the girls look like twins! :D Sounds like you had quite a weekend!