Friday, February 1, 2008

All's Quiet ... For Now!!!

So, it has been a fairly quiet week here at B Manor ... Of course, now that I've said that all you-know-what is probably gonna break loose!! So, I will enjoy the peace while it is here. A fairly uneventful week, but here is a recap anyway...
The week started out warm - yes, I said WARM. So sunny and "toasty", in fact, that all the snow melted away on Monday and Tuesday, and it RAINED!! However, By Tuesday evening the temp was dropping FAST! On Wednesday I put Hattie on the bus in a chilly 14 degrees ... but the wind was blowing so hard that I'd be willing to bet ya it was WAY below zero! Also on Wed. Hubby called in sick to work. If you know my man you know that aint something he takes lightly so he was REAL sick. Poor fella, he was miserable :( Then he called in again on Thursday - bad for him, good for me... I got to stay for the WHOLE Bible study at church. Usually I have to leave early to meet Hattie's bus but he was here and told me to enjoy myself! Even sick that man is a keeper!!! Just as cold as Wednesday but no wind so it felt MUCH better. Last night a snow storm rolled in and now Miss Hattie is having a snow day today. We are all still in our pj's and LOVING it (except for Hubby who went back to work today)!! Add to that the joy of new episodes of Diego and Backyardigans this afternoon and life is swell for my girl!!! Pretty stinking great for Miss Sophie too 'cause watchin her sis play is the best thing since strained squash - her favorite food by the way!!! I have no explanation for the squash thing except to say that she did NOT get it from me!!!! Do they make chocolate for babies, cause we could do some serious bonding over chocolate!!!! I think that would be a very special time for us both!!!
Here is the big news for the week ... if you can call it that. I got me a new do. I got a cut and color from my buddy Ms Lori!! I am pretty excited, but here is a glimpse....drum roll ... are you excited yet ... really, are ya .... are ya o OH, O.K. ...

And here are some new pics of the girls ('cause I know that is REALLY what you came to see....

This weekend is looking to be pretty uneventful, but again, now that I have said it .... Ah heck, just pray for us!!!

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Kate said...

Oh my goodness, it's been sooo cold here too. Last week it was -2 when I drove in to work. So, toward the end of the week, the mornings were in the upper 30's and it felt like sping sad when freezing feels warm. lol

Glad the hubby is feeling better, and glad you got some benefits from it. :)

ps...uhhh, did you just say "the best thing since strained squash???" haa haa haa

Hope your weekend is a peaceful and highly enjoyable.


oh yeah I like the hair. I wish I was brave enough to do that. I have a sick emotional attachment to my of these days though, I will overcome (mainly because I don't want to be one of those elderly ladies with the bee-hives or long stringy grey hair...scary).