Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snow Day - part two

So, yesterday was a snow day - as I already explained in the previous post - and that makes today the snow FUN day!!!! And Hattie Grace and her Daddy did have FUN!!!!!

Hattie still loves making snow angels ...

... and throwing snow balls!!!

She has now discovered that sliding into snow is right up there with sliding into leaves!!!

And while she was playing (when he wasn't playing with her) her daddy was doing this ...

... and this!!

And when he finished our yard he did our nextdoor neighbor's yard - 'cause I just happen to be married to the most wonderful, selfless and giving man there is!!!
And if these pics look a little fuzzy it's 'cause they were taken from the warmth and comfort of INSIDE the house where THIS was going on ...

Don't let the hand up in the air fool ya, she is fast asleep!!! Lazy Saturday afternoons with just us and our girls. Can't beat that!!!

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Kate said...

Are you kidding...even I still love making snow angels! We got a baby snow compared to yours.

Cute picture of your little one sleeping...I do that too from time to