Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bumble Bees, Bone Tired and Bible Study

OK, here is the scary part first ... Last night the girls had their bath and all was going oh so well. Sophie finished up and I took her out to dry off. I laid her on the pad on the counter and noticed that she had a little boogie action in her nose so I turned to get a tissue. HUbby turned to look at her just as I turned back and we both saw it ... a yellowjacket on the baby's chest!!! FREAK OUT! He swats it away, being the hero that he is, but it lands IN her towel. Before we can get the towel opened up and the bee out of there it STINGS MY BABY! She is screaming, I am freaking, Hubby is killing a bee and Hattie is watching it all quietly (Bless her heart!!). We have NO idea how it got in the house or if it has friends elsewhere. BUT, at least we now know that Sophie is NOT allergic to bees - THANK GOD!!!
Now, the frustrating part. We had a very - and I do mean VERY - rough night last night. Hattie did NOT want to go to bed. And that is, thankfully, very rare! But she threw a WHOPPER of a fit that lasted for quite a while and included her coming out of her bed and room TWICE! She is usually very easy to put to bed, so this was a puzzle. Her fit woke up Sophie and it took FOREVER to get her back to sleep. She finally went down around 11:00!!! Then she woke up around 12:30, we got her back to sleep pretty quickly but not for very long - she was awake again a couple of hours later. This time we had to changer her diaper and give her a bottle to get her back to sleep. About the time she finally fell asleep Hattie woke up. Usually when Hattie has a "crib party" (which is why she is still in a crib - we are afraid she will roam the house and fall down the stairs!) we let her hang and do her thing 'cause if we go up there it just lasts longer. However, given that she had already gotten out of her crib TWICE last night I felt the need to stay awake and listen to her party to be sure that she stayed in bed. After a couple of hours she finally fell asleep ... just as Sophie was waking up AGAIN!!!! Then by the time she fell back to sleep it was time to get Hattie up for school. Needless to say I am TIRED, almost called Hattie in for school and let her sleep while Sophie and I napped ... but I didn't!
Which leads to the Blessing part. I started a new Bible study at church this morning, one which I have been VERY excited about for quite a while. For Christmas Hubby got me some Beth More 90 day devotionals - one on Daniel and one on Jesus, The One And Only and that is the study that we are doing this semester!!!! YAY! So, I had to be there - for everyone's survival of the day I need me some Jesus! I absolutly ADORE Beth Moore, no one can make the Bible come alive for me the way that she does. I tell people that she is one of my very best friends, I just haven't met her yet! Anyway, this morning did not dissapoint! I am so refreshed by the Word and am so Blessed by the message! Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to dive in!!! And for the energy to get my tired hiney in gear to get there for the study!!!!
So, there ya go ... a day in the life of the B Bunch. Sorry it drug out so long, but hey, you KNEW it would ... didn't ya?!?!?! And thank you Lord, we are all still here to tell the story!
Blog at ya later!

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Kate said... night. I'm thinking...maybe it's a good thing I am not a mom. ;)

Thanks for the visit. I was afraid people would give up on me. :0)
You know...I drove here to Colorado in a '78 Chevy Chevette...still don't have 4-wheel drive, but I certainly don't have my hoopdie anymore. I did happen to learn a lot of auto mechanic stuff with that car. Like starting the engine with a taple knife between two nuts on the starter (I was smart, and of course the pop the clutch starting (thank goodness there are plenty of hills here), and changing the oil and the spark plugs (at least monthly). was my first car and the chrome on that baby had a constant mirror shine. :D

The B's said...

About pottie training. Part of her pottie issues may be the baby. we had to put Moe back in diapers after Duncan was born. He was 2yrs 8 mos and the babysitter had decided he was ready but he had decided he wasn't. How old is Hattie. You know what got Moe motivated. And believe me we tried EVERYTHING. We switched from babysitter to day care and they wouldn't let him in the 3 yr old class until he was potty trained. So what I am saying is it's all about finding the right motivation.

The B's said...

Got interrupted and posted before I was finished. About Hattie and bedtime. If she is climbing out of her crib you might want to put her in a toddler bed. They have rails so she won't fall out but she can get out by herself. Now I know you don't want that but it's better than her falling out of the crib. Shut the door to her room. That ought to keep her in. Just remember she may love her sister to death but she is used to having all the attention and we all hate to give that up.