Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brilliant All The Same...

So, I would like to tell you that my brilliant daughter took to potty training like a duck to water ... that we put on the panties and never looked back! I would like to, but I can't. What I can tell you is that my brilliant daughter has taken to playing the system like a fiddle!!! She can go just enough to get the praise and the treat and then 5 minutes later finish ... in the panties!!!! She was doing swell until she decided that she wasn't so much liking the Dora/Princess/Curious George ('cause we went through em all folks) panties if it meant that she had to stop what she was doing every 30 minutes for a bathroom trip!!!!
Now, I must say that she not only went number one on the potty but number two as well (or for all of you Elmo Potty Time viewers out there we can call it poo-poo or woo-woo or .... must I go on?!?!?!), so I am thinking that she must have an inkling as to what she is doing right? Add to that the fact that she goes a little, stops, little more, stops, little more .... C'mon now, that takes skill!!!! THEN after wetting the pants she goes to the diaper cabinet and says "want a diaper?" Like she wants me to ask her if she would prefer that big soggy, droopy, wet thing in her drawers! I am at a loss!!
I am now opening the floor up for suggestions ... anyone? Can ya help me? She is back in the diaper 'cause I refuse to put her on the bus in single digit temps with what could be wet panties by the time she gets to school! HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPP MMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!!!
On the other hand, she has mastered that fine art known as "playing the parents". Yep, that's my girl ... BRILLIANT!!!!
Gotta love her!

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Teri said...

First of all, thank you for commenting on my blog. It is always nice to hear from a Michigan blogger, and also one who loves teenagers! I love what you had to say at the end about loving them no matter what! That is exactly what my heart is for them. One of the pregnant girls is my very own niece. My first response to her when she told me she was expecting was love and support. That response is already causing her to run to the Father!

As far as potty training...the main thing I did was wait until they were interested. And I also found out with our first baby that the little potty chairs were not all they were cracked up to be. My son started out ok going on the potty chair, but then became uninterested. I ended up buying one of those smaller toilet seats that fit on the regular potty and it did the trick. (I also told my sister to try it when she was struggling to potty train her daughter and it worked for her too...)
Sorry for such a long comment. It is nice to meet you!