Monday, January 7, 2008

No Dry Eyes Here ...

I remember hearing, on multiple occasions and from more than one person, that my Grandpa Straight used to say that nobody should ever leave a church service with a dry eye ... Well, I must say that yesterday's service brought more than a tear, it brought a RIVER!!!! Man oh man, it was sweet - the sermon was on leadership and it was so well spoken - kudos to Pastor Andy!!! The music, led by our brand-spankin' new worship leader (approved by the congregation just yesterday) Aron, was powerful, moving and, may I say, ROCKING!!!!! And then, the new Elders and Deacons were inducted into service. Now, I have to tell ya, the sight (yes, I opened my eyes!!!) of big grown men on their knees in humility while other big strong men laid hands on them and prayed over them was soooooo moving to me. Would it not have been wholly inappropriate, I woulda taken my little phone out and taken a picture - Dern that Emily Post and her stinkin' manners and rules!!!! THEN, the band started in with "Glorious One" .... I was gone! Simply DONE!!! Gotta tell ya, as my sweet Beth Moore would say, "I love me some Jesus!!!" The Good Lord was movin big in that place yesterday, in my heart as well!!!!! Sweet, sweet, SWEET!!!! I could go on and on.....

In other news, Miss Sophie is now 4 months old!!!! And somewhere in the middle of the holiday season she has undergone a serious transformation. I was holding her at church yesterday (and this has happened more than once) when someone came up and asked where MY little one was. This is her, I say and the jaws drop to the floor. She is holding herself up in my arms now - doesn't like to lay down anymore, she wants to sit up so badly and is almost there!!!! She is social - talking to anyone who will listen and flirting with anyone who will look her way ... so cute!!! Then in the last few days she has been waking up in the middle of the night again and wants to eat. So, after being advised by many - including the doctor today - we have begun the BABY FOOD!!!!! At first she was NOT impressed! But, today .... applesauce - a HUGE success!!!!!! She is in her high chair now and loves that too! She is - are you sitting down? .... Seriously, are ya? - 17lbs and 7oz.!!!! Too big, they say for her baby car seat. On one hand I say "thank You Jesus, I don't have to carry that thing around anymore!!!" but on the other hand ... where is my baby?!?!?! Ahhhhhh .... the ups and downs of motherhood!!!!
These pictures are pre high chair, but the first meal.....

Yep, thats's my baby... now there really is no dry eye!!!!!

Glorious One, Glorious One
Light of the world, You outshine the sun
King of all Kings, Eternity sings,

May He Bless you all, my bloggy friends!

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Kate said...

I love a good service...I think the measure of a service is how much make-up is left on your face at the end...ha ha ha.
Your girl is a super cute.

ps...come to CO for some ski-time...anytime. I'll go with you and pick up the trail of equipment if you fall. :)