Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quality Parenting At It's Best

So, Hubby says that I am a bad influence on Hattie. He says that I teach her things that I (meaning HE) would be embarrassed for her to do at school or, Heaven FORBID, church. Simply because we are inclined to break into "slap fights" with no warning. or stick our tongues out at each other and laugh. His favorite is when we threaten to "beat you up and slap you around" and then mock punch and slap each other. He inexplicably cringes every time! I don't get it...
And now that she is really starting to talk he is REALLY worried. I am obsessed with the show "Reba" and absolutely ROLL with laughter when she gets flustered and growls the word "craaaaaap!!" ... so I have started to say it at times (not my proudest moment) and thus Hattie has said it twice now. OK, I understand his frustration over that one and have made a very concerted effort to stop saying it. YESTERDAY, however, she had me crying with laughter at something that would have made Hubby just ... well, cry! She has taken to putting the box for Sophie's high chair box over her head and walking around the house. It is hilarious 'cause she runs into EVERYTHING and just bounces off like a pinball. So yesterday she was running into the couch over and over and saying "I'm ok" which made me giggle. And THEN she missed the couch and fell flat on the ground... silence for a few seconds and then "ah GEEZ". I CRIED!!!!
Now, for some reason Hubby HATES the word Geez. I think he thinks that it is a shortened version of "oh Jesus". but that is simply not the case. To me it is a shortened version of "geez louise" which I have said FOREVER....
What is you opinion on this delicate subject my bloggy friends? Am I a bad influence on my child?!?!? I need to know ... is geez bad? Be honest, I can take it.

One other thing, is it bad that I have not started either of the girls baby books yet? Can this blog count as a memory book? I need help.
Did I mention that I am a quality parent? I can soooo see my girls on the Oprah show someday. Or at the very least, a therapists couch..... Did I mention that at this moment Hattie is sitting in her lunch chair not allowed to get down because she refuses to eat her BOLOGNA (sigh and ashamedly looking aside) or that Sophie is in her swing waking up and as I look over at her I realize that she has not only spit up but her bib is so turned around that she looks like a mini supergirl. Mother of the Year, that's me!!

3 of ya left some love:

Kate said...

haa haa haa whatver you sure are funny. I don't have children, but if I did, I am sure to model your parenting skills.
Ok, first things long as you teach the child not to tell her teacher that she will beat her up or slap her around, I think you are ok; however, you may want to reconsider with the first unfavorable teachers note.
I LOVE Reba!!!! I crack up so much watching that show. Craaaaap...not funny!
I'm at work (obviously working really hard...actually, I am bored stiff 'cause I am the lead and cover and there's no issues right now and everyone is in the office today), anyway, I busted up pretty hard with your Hattie story...Geez is not necessarily bad, I think it's a context thing...I used to say Geez Louise a lot too. :)
I think the only thing I have issue with is feeding your poor child bologna!!! Oh man!!! And making her eat it!!! Yuck!!! One of my mother's made me sit at the table to eat my oatmeal, but it made me this day, I don't like oatmeal or that mother. ha ha ha ha And oatmeal is healthy! bologna...ewww. Everyone lands on the therapy sofa, so give yourself a break, you'll do plenty wrong, but if you beat each other up and slap each other around, I think maybe your child might avoid the high charges of a psychotherapist and maybe settle for the free counseling of a great friend.
ps...I taught my nieces plenty of very bad manners, so if I ever have children, I think my sisterface may take bad manner revenge on me.

The B's said...

I hate to admit any man is right over a woman but Steve is right abot Jeez see
It is a shorted version of Jesus. So you better stop that!
I think you are a FUN mom. You know who taught Danny the raspberry right? I got in so much trouble for that!

Jenn said...

Ok first- do you know that Faith and I have licking fights? Morgan at times too, but Faith will walk right up to me and lick me. I taught her that. Luckily she is old enough that I have explained she is not allowed to have those with just anyone. But- she has now included my mother in on the fun. It's hilarious. And seriously, geez and I think even crap is totally fine {sorry Steve}. Hattie {and Sophie} are going to go to school, they will be in public places, and trust me, there is 100 times worse out there. Sheltering kids is not always the best thing. Teach her right from wrong, good values and morals, respect and she'll turn out fine. Always follow through with what you say- I believe that is the most important thing a parent can do and the one most parents screw up. {See I shouldn't say screw up on the "Christian" blog} but remember... I know what you said in the hospital that one day! LOL