Thursday, January 3, 2008


OK, two posts in one day - crazy I know, especially since I don't really have too much to say except - IT IS COLD!!!! Hattie went back to school today and I had to put my poor Sweet girl on the bus in the 6 DEGREES, snot freezing, barely light out, COLD morning weather!!! Last year they called "cold days" because there wasn't enough snow to use up all of the snow days, I think this morning was cause for a cold day!!!
So, here is the new layout and I think I will keep this one for a while, at first I thought it was a bit too brown, but it is growing on me and fits with my New Year post. PLUS, my Bloggy friend Kate likes it and helped me to tweak it up a bit (except I still can not make the switch putting the posts on the other side of the pictures, about me and counter stuff!!) so I am really liking it now. Let me know what ya think!!!
One more thing - I am still looking for pictures to show ya, but the other day I put my sweet baby Sophie in an outfit that was one of my faves on Hattie. Sophie is 3 months old, Hattie came to us at 9 months.... hmmm, guess that means that she was at LEAST 9 months old - and I ma thinking that she got the outfit for Christmas which would make her 10 months old - when she wore it. Meaning that Sophie is BIG!!! Now, I know that she will thin out when she starts crawling and stuff, but she won't get shorter!!!! I am so sad to be putting the tiny clothes away - but am so loving the stages she is in. She laughs, coos, responds to our voices and touch and is getting so much fun to interact with. She tries to have conversations with us and it is so fun to see her grow! Just can't believe she is growing so FAST!!!
And, one more thing - ow much does it stink that the most popular name for girls in '07 is Sophia?!?!? I did the research, it was pretty far down on EVERY list! Apparently it jumped quite a few spots this year to take over the number one spot. Now, I named Hattie with a name I had picked in high school and was so happy because it doesn't even appear on any list, meaning there won't be 20 girls in her class with the same name!!! Of course this also means that nobody says it right. But c'mon, Hattie isn't that hard is it?! We get Haley, Hadley, Mattie, Happy, Hate-y (sounding like the other name for Hell!!!) and my personal favorite ha-tie (emphasis on the tie!!!)! But poor Sophie will always and forever be Sophie B., or some other variation that distinguishes her from the other million and 1 Sophies in her class. i am so sorry Sophie lee - Mommy tried!!! Stupid research that apparently is NOT kept up to date after all!!!
OK, tirade over, I feel better now. I guess they can call her Pretty Stinking Amazing Sophie - cause you KNOW that she will be the prettiest, smartest and most wonderful of all of the other Sophies out there!!!!!

3 of ya left some love:

Kate said...

Yikes...that's cold.

I'd like to have some cold days at work so I can hit the slopes. :)

Even if Sophie is a popular name, the unique qualities of your little one will always shine above any other Sophie out there.
And, I'm with you...I don't think Hattie is a difficult name to pronounce, but then again, you haven't heard me say it. ha ha ha ha


The B's said...

Maybe people saw the name Sophie on your blog and thought "What a beautiful name, I shall name my daughter that!" Hey Morgan is a boy's name but there are so many girls named Morgan that Moe starting going by Moe so people wouldn't think he was a girl. We didn't even know that it was Jim's nickname. Talking about baby clothes the little outfit I brought Moe home from the hospital in (that was miles to big) was too small for Duncan to wear home. I guess that's the difference between 7lb 8oz and 8lb 10oz.
It's been pretty cold here too. But not THAT cold. You should move to Georgia the weather is nicer here. Of course we have no water.
I added the stat counter. You and Retta have been on my blog.

Jenn said...

First- you make me laugh. Jennifer was the most popular when I was born and it's only taken 30 something years for me to like it.. .she'll get used to her name! I like the blog look, very cool but I still liked the pink flower but this one totally is you!