Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year ... New Beginnings!

The new year always brings thoughts about what we can change or make new .... as if WE could make anything new!!! At church on Sunday both pastor Mike and Mr. Brolan (who was leading worship) talked about New Years Resolutions. Pastor Mike went through a list of resolutions from the past few years - each year trying to lose a few more pounds ('cause instead of losing pounds they were actually GAINED!!!) etc... Mr. Brolan went online to look at the most popular resolutions and noted that they are mostly about losing weight (duh!!), getting a new job, in shape or a new "thing" - house, car etc... - but that knowing JESUS better was nowhere on the list!
Resolution - by definition - is to dedicate oneself to something. RESOLVE to be a better person, get in shape, make more money, and so on. What better to resolve yourself to that knowing God?! He created you, knows you better than anyone else and LOVES you more than anyone else! Can't the one who created your body help you to know it and care for it? Can't the giver of all gifts show you how to better use yours? Can't the Creator of the earth and life show you how to enjoy it more? Can't the giver of life make yours better? YES!!! Yes to all of these questions! Now, I am the first to say that I need to lose a few pounds and a few bad habits, but I think the very first thing that I will resolve myself to this new year is to know Jesus better and to devote more of me to God! If I can do that the rest will happen, I just know it will!!! So, here is to quiet times with God - I WILL find time to make time for HIM. Here is to looking for strength from HIM when I want to do something unhealthy. Here is to giving my temple back to HIM and letting HIM show me how to care for it. Here is to giving my FAMILY back to HIM and letting Him show me how to best take care of THEM! Here is to FILLING my prayer journal and not leaving it to gather dust by mid January and feeling guilty for the rest of the year because I am "too busy" to write things down. Here is to letting the creator of the universe get a little creative in my life - I give it all back to Him!!
SO, if you are reading this, I hereby charge you to hold me accountable and help me stay on track. I also CHALLENGE you to go deep and look inside yourself. We all can do better - after all if we were perfect we would already be in Heaven!!!
Happy New Year my sweet fRamily - let's make it a good one!!!!!

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Kate said...

Ohhh, that's awesome!!!

To quiet times and seeking, knowing, and listening to the Lord God Almighty...who knows us better than we know ourselves.