Monday, January 7, 2013

No Promises ...

So, here's the thing.  I like to think big. REAL big.

Like, I don't just say I want to get healthy and then try.

No, I say something like "I will lose 50 pounds in the next 6 months, run 1,000 miles in the next year and write a book, which will become a best seller and give all the millions of dollars I make to the church! Just watch y'all, cause I will!"

And then I don't.

So then I don't say anything at all.

Until the next time ...

... and the next time... and the time after that.

And then I wonder why no one pays attention anymore.

So ... what now?  Well, now I am gonna take notice and learn from my past. And then I am gonna make no promises.

Except for one.  To do my best.

Or, maybe two. To be honest.

Starting now.

I have a plan (on paper this time) but I am not going to share it and make promises. I am just going to follow it. And tell you about it. And fall on my face. And tell you about it. And have successes. And tell you about it. And do my best. And tell you about it.

As part of that plan, I have started running again.  The good news is, since New Year's, I have run more than I did the whole month of December. Maybe even November too.  In fact, on the 3rd, I joked that I had run every day this whole year.

And then I didn't run the 3rd.


But on the 4th, when I realized it would be two days with no workout and I did NOT want to fall in that rut again, I laced up my shoes at 10:14 PM and got on the treadmill.  It was hard. It was slow. But it was AT NIGHT (I am sooooooooooooo not a night runner. First thing in the AM for me, thank-ya-very-much!). And I did it.

And then nothing on the 5th. Or the 6th.

Dern. Dern. Dern.

And then I saw hubbster making a list of HIS goals for 2013. And there was a workout plan on that list.  So, I suggested ... or, ya know, BEGGED ... that we do it together.  And he agreed!!!!

So, this morning we got up at 5 AM (even though we stayed up til after 11 watching Downton Abbey (WOOT! WOOT!) ... well, I stayed up while he snoozed on the couch) and did it.

Go. Stinkin. Us.

He wanted to start slow, so he did some weights and stretches, etc...  And I did week 2, day 2 of the C25K program.  And it rocked. I am sooooooooo very thankful that he made that sacrifice for me.   And that we are in this together.

No promises ... but I think this might be a good year.

2 of ya left some love:

Angie said...

5 am-that is awesome!
I'm sometimes up then, but unfit to be seen or talked to until at least 6:30.

Downton Abbey -wasn't it delightful?!?!

Kate said...

Here's to a good year darling friend. :)