Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Mr. Graham

Yesterday I needed to clean the seat of the car ... 

Long story, but it involved a 40 minute trip to the dentist where a certain 8yr old girl with blonde and pink hair puked in the back seat at minute 36.

A quick turn around, a frantic call to reschedule and a stop to rearrange seating later (had to move Sophie so SHE would not start puking - sensitive gag reflexes rock our world!!) and we were on our way BACK home. 

I got Sophie to school and then listened to Hattie freak out because she not only did not get to go to the dentist but she also had to miss SCHOOL too.  Yeah, she was upset about missing both. Who IS this kid?!?!?!  

Finally got her calmed, changed and cuddled on the couch with a good book movie (don't judge me, I had a phone date I could not miss) and headed into the garage to find the cleanser for the car seat. YUCK!

While I was hunting down the cleaner, I bumped a box, knocking it's lid to the ground. I peeked inside to find the corner of a long lost book sticking out.  

Y'all I squealed.


THIS is what I found ...
 And THIS is a treasure to me. 

Not just because Billy Graham is SUCH a man of God. He is. Oh my WORD, he is!  He brings life to the Word in a huge way. He takes the profound and huge and ginormous and puts it so simply and succinctly that anyone can understand.

Even a 19 year old kid like me.

No, this is a treasure because within it's pages is a lasting remnant of the most profound day of my life.

THIS ...
 is the day I was saved.

And if you look REEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLL close ...
Yep ... there I am.

(OK, honestly, I have no idea if that is me. Or even if this picture was taken on the night I was actually there, but it is the crusade I attended ... the crusade that changed my life. The crusade that made the cross REAL to me ... a 19 yr old girl sitting in the very top row.)

Thank you Mr Graham ... I (literally) owe my life to you. 

This is the day I was saved.

3 of ya left some love:

Rebecca Jo said...

ahhh - how super cool to have a memory sake to remind you of the night you were saved.

Love Billy Graham - I'm not sure there will be another man like him in our lifetime.

I went & sat in rain to listen to a night at his Crusade. The atmosphere was electric!

...I was that kid that used to be sad about missing school.. :)

j said...

brought holy tears to my eyes. i love hearing people's stories and how God used others to soften and reach hearts, to make Himself known. the God who saves. the God who cares about every single heart and soul...even the ones up in the nosebleed sections. He can reach us anywhere. anytime. and in any may.

j said...

*way :)