Sunday, April 1, 2012


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Week 13 ... April ... wow.

Somebody stop the clock. Time is RUSHING past!  And, here is how we spent it this week...

Sunday - Ken ... in his beach wear and Flynn Ryder's boots.  Yep, he's stylin!
(a male toy does not stand a chance in this house)

Monday - Conversations in the House of  B:

Sophie: Mama, is today Hattie's birthday?
Me: Ummmmm, nope, not today.
Sophie: Is today Daddy's birthday?
Me: nooooooooooooo
Sophie: Is today YOUR birthday Mama? Or maybe it's Grandma Jeanie's birthday!
Me: No Baby, today is nobody's birthday.
Sophie: Awwwwww man ... but Mama, I really want birthday cake!
So, I did what ANY good mama would do ...
... I got out the stuff ...
... and we made a birthday cake ...
... for WHO, we do not know. But here in B Manor, we had ourselves some cake!

Tuesday - Photo shoot with this beauty.  Seriously? Easiest photo shoot ever!

Wednesday - It will always baffle this AZ girl's mind that trees start out white or pink or yellow, before they turn green in the spring!  Amazing!!!

Thursday - She let me do her hair.  YAY!

Friday - rainy day ... we jumped in puddles. And now that MAMA has some spiffy rain boots, even I enjoyed it!

Saturday - so many choices ... so little coffee.

And, with all that energy, I was able to start the picture wall. (Well, coffee and the nails that Hubby FINALLY picked up from the store!!!)

Sooooooooo ... how was YOUR week?!

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Loved Ken, and the girls with the beaters. Your picture wall is amazing, I wish I had stairs. Great shots this week.

The Bug said...

Love your photo wall! And your rain boots :) AND birthday cake - you're such a good mama.

rita said...

Picture wall, wow! I want to do something like that!

semperfi said...

Love, love, love your picture wall & I agree on the creamers, so many & sooo little coffee. Great pictures week.

Mary Beth said...

LOVE your picture wall!!!!!