Sunday, March 25, 2012


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Week 12 ... wow.  And this week was crazy!!!  Non stop. Fly by the seat of your pants. Wow!

Sunday ... this is where you would see pictures of Hattie with lots of tiny braids in her hair ... IF I hadn't reformatted the wrong memory card and wiped them all out.  **sigh**

She wanted curly hair and we set braids all over to do a trial run for Easter. But then she pulled them all out in bed before falling asleep so she looked more like an unkempt orphan than a glamour girl the next day. But SHE thought she was beautiful. So, there ya go!

Monday - My sweet friends Aron & Erica called me and said they were headed to the hospital. And, since I was on tap to be the official delivery room photographer, I hit the ground running.
Now, seriously, tell me ... does this woman look even REMOTELY like she has just given birth?  Yeah ... NOT!
Sweet Selah Joy ... I adore her!
Tuesday - The tree in our front yard was beginning to bud ... so exciting to see what is gonna pop up in our yard since we have never seen it in bloom!

Wednesday - yeah ... I got nothin.  OK, that is not entirely true ... I do have a picture of me getting my hair colored. But the chances of me putting that on here are nill.  I avoid publishing pics of myself ... especially when there are multiple chins present.  Just sayin...
Thursday - Eli.  This was a big day for our little guy ... this was the day he became a .....
Friday - Fridays are floor days in B Manor. I hadn't washed the pad on my Shark mop since it had cleaned the old house and could not find the second pad at ALL.  So I wet 4 rags, threw em on the floor and let the girls go skating ... they had a BALL and I had clean floors by the end of it all. SUCCESS!!
Saturday - Emma Ruth!  Eli's little sister!  LOVE her too!  And, those cheeks ... edible.

That was our week ... how was YOURS?!

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Love the mopping idea. Great pictures of that precious little one and you are right she does not look like she just gave birth.

RaD said...

Sweet pictures! "Skating" to mop the floor is a great idea.

My camera recently started corrupting files on its SD cards so I feel your pain on the lost pics.

Kim said...

Lovely photos!
Erica looks fresh as a daisy after giving birth -- how'd she do that? LOL

Great mopping tip :)

Have a wonderful week!

semperfi said...

Great pics!!! Love the skating/mopping idea, will have to try that sometime

The Bug said...

Cute babies! Yeah, your friend looked better than I do on a regular basis, much less after having given birth.