Sunday, February 5, 2012


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FIVE weeks into the new year!  Oh.My.WORD!  This is just crazy to me!  But, here we are. I remember in late December saying "if January goes as fast as December's gone, we will be getting our new house any day now..."  And here we are, scheduled to close on said new house this week!


Cause, y'all, this kinda thing could ONLY be HIM!  In Bankruptcy Court just over two years ago to this.  ONLY HIM!

Can I just get an Amen?!

OK, here is our week....

Sunday - the first real measurable snow we have had this winter ... it was BEAUTIFUL!
Monday - my fridge (love photo assignments!!!) ... Mama needs her caffeine!
Tuesday - Self Portrait ... yeah, you're welcome (sigh).
Wednesday - New month = new memory verse.  This year's goal is the entire book of James!!!
However, Wednesday's assignment was my view ... I could look at THIS, forever!!!
Thursday - "Words" - This is my mantra as of late. I DO believe ... help me overcome my unbelief!
Friday - Is this a dining room or a zoo?  Hard to belief there is just a common house cat on the other side of that fence!!!
But Friday's assignment was "hands" - I LOVE this pic!!!
Saturday - "Stranger" - although I am sure he won't be a stranger for long. This was a meeting to lay out a focus for the future of our church. This gentlemen is going to help us meet some of our goals!  I LOVE that we are part of a church so focused on God's leading!  Praise Him!!!!!

So, how was YOUR week?!?!?!?!

(thanks for hosting Sara!!)

6 of ya left some love:

sara said...

I am memorizing the book of James too...yikes! but exciting!

love the picture of the kids watching the cat!! too funny!

skoots1mom said...

i'm already falling down on my commitment for pics in february...but, trek on...
great shots of the kids
especially love the one of them looking thru the gate!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love all your different perspectives, I always forget to try black and white...

Great shots!



Great shots. I love the perspectives of each one. I love bible studies. Have a great week.

The Bug said...

Love the fingers picture best - it's so cute! I really like the assignments - I should give myself photography assignments each week!

Kelly said...

LOVE, love, love the H photo. one of your best for sure