Sunday, January 15, 2012


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Week 2 - Can I just say that I love that the year started on a Sunday so it's all even ... is that strange?  I dunno, but I love it.  Also, I have actually set an alarm on my phone to go off every evening to remind me to take a picture if I haven't already.  Yes, I am bound & determined to make it through the whole year this time!!!

OK, here we go....

January 8 - I was given a challenge that came with a photo assignment for every day of January.  This day's was "My Sky".  Well, the sky was clear blue, not a cloud in sight.  I thought that might be boring so I put this sweet face into the picture as well.  Love her!
January 9 - "Daily Routine" was the task ... waiting for the bus, bundled up for the cold, is part of our routine!
MERCY, she is just so cute!!!
January 10 - "Childhood" - Sophie + bubbles = happy!!!
January 11 - "Where I Sleep" ... I was already in bed when I remembered to take the pic ...
January 12 - "close up"  My girls curls ... up close and personal!!!
January 13 - (this day's task was "What's In My Bag" ... and I did that. But when this when is ASKING to have her picture taken, I must jump at the chance!!!)
January 14 - "What I'm Reading": My Bible (chronologically in one year ... pray me through y'all!!!), a book written by my sweet friend Mary (review to come!!!) and my memory verses for 2011 (have to have em DOWN by next weekend!!!).

So.... how was YOUR week?!

(thanks Sara for hosting - stop by and see her for more!)

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sara said...

oh my word, the bubble picture is so cool!!! and I love your girl's curls!!!! so beautiful!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love that last pic of the precious little one!

Great week, love the idea of setting the alarm for P365!!!!

PLUS I totally love that this years started in a Sunday too!


The Bug said...

Look at those kissable cheeks - too cute!


Your pictures this week are great! You really did a wonderful job with them.

Tori said...

Love the bubbles and the curls...oh my!

Are you going to Siesta Scripture weekend?

Have a great week!!

skoots1mom said...

sweet shots...
wonderfully clear

semperfi said...

the bubble picture is soooooo cool. Wonderful job.

rita said...

Your photography is superb!
Good subject matter too :)
Interesting to follow an assignment of the day.
I tried to settle on a favorite, difficult. I really like the profile and warm wooly hat photo.
Have another wonderphotoful week.