Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today my little family and I are going to look at some houses ... again.

So far I have fallen in love with two homes, only to have them snatched off the market before we could jump.  One of the dangers of looking too soon I suppose.

A few people have suggested we stop looking until we are closer to the end of our lease, but we press on.  We know that there is a chance of the process taking a LONG time with so many bank owned and short sales in our area.

This afternoon we will be looking at two such properties ... in our desired neighborhood.  One is prettier on the outside but smaller and would take more work.  The other is NOT as pretty on the outside but bigger inside and a better yard.  From the pictures online, the second house looks like it will need work cosmetically - but I aint skeered, as long as it is structurally sound!

Now, I know that this might NOT be our house, but you tell me - just for Saturday morning kicks - what YOU would do to make this house pretty...

Ready... set ... GO!

1 of ya left some love:

Mary Beth said...

I think it's adorable! A flowering tree, some perennials, a coat of paint, and a yard full of pink tricycles, bikes, and dolls, and it will be perfect!