Friday, November 18, 2011


I love chatting with my girls ... and, y'all, please note that I DID say girlS ... as in plural. Cause Hattie is really starting to communicate.  And, as in all things, she does it in her own way and on her own terms.  Bless her!

A few days ago Hattie brought home a note telling me she had had a rough morning. In fact, it said that she had hit someone.  So I asked HER what happened and told her to tell me why she had hit.  I immediately recognized that she had something to say, but struggled for the words with which to say it.  But, lately, she has found her OWN way to press through such situations, so I knew just what to do. I grabbed some scrap paper and a pen and asked her to show me.  She jumped at the offer and set to work, drawing many stick figures, a few letters here and there and a whole lot of emotions.

Within about five minutes she came to me with her pictures and I asked her, again, to tell me what happened. She pointed at the first picture and told me the whole story.  Just like she explained, using pictures, how she broker her collar bone, her day at the zoo, how Big Bird found himself in a cage ... and blue, and why she wanted to go to the park.  She has learned to draw her emotions out and then use the pictures to tell us what she needs us to know.

Have I mentioned that this child is stinkin AMAZING?!  I was discussing it with my sweet friend Dedra this morning (she has been my shoulder, prayer warrior and BFF in this autism walk. I LOVE her dearly!!) and told her that I used to be afraid I was not strong or wise enough to lead Hattie ... now I find myself wondering if I am worthy of sitting back, following and watching her sprout wings and fly.  Cause I am certain that God has a plan for this one.  Oh, how He will use her. IF she lets Him ... Lord, please let me lead her to You so she WILL let herself be used by You.

She is also pretty stinkin funny.  She loves to pretend, make things up and change the stories she already knows to make us giggle.  I have been told that imagination is rare with her diagnosis - they pretty much like the black, white and certain. Hattie likes adventure and the great unknown.  Heaven HELP me!!!

Now, SOPHIE - girlie has NEVER been one to lack for a voice.  She has been a "talker" since birth, pretty much.  She, too, is funny and inventive and clever.  And she cracks us up! All.the.time.

She also has NO problem telling us what she does and does not like.  THIS can be not so much fun ... we need to work on her, shall we say, delivery.  I have often picked her up from school and, when asked what she did today, has told me "I told my teachers no".  Yeah ... ummm ... STOP THAT!

Sophie also likes to plan ahead.  When we are on our way anywhere, she is already planning out conversations in her head.  On the way to church she sits in her seat saying things like "I'm gonna ask Mrs Becky where Mrs Sue is" (she has only recently realized that the two ladies - who look NOTHING alike - are not the same person!), "I need to tell Mr Darcy to look at my pretty hair" (she crushes on Mr Darcy), "I'm gonna ask Mrs Mary 'where's Caleb and Cassie' ", "I want to ask Mr Andy what's his favorite color"...

When in an unfamiliar situation, her "go-to" conversation starters are "what's your name?" and "what's your favorite color?"  They serve her well with cashiers, waiters/waitresses, random strangers and friends in a pinch.

She does love to talk.

One more instance in which my sweet girls prove just how polar opposite they truly are.  We have our work cut out for us with these two ... but isn't God just so sweet to lead us on such an adventure?

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sara said...

this is so sweet! and your girls are beautiful!

My Alyssa always had trouble expressing her emotions to me..she would start crying and then get frustrated. So we kept a journal and when she needed to tell me something, she wrote it out or drew it in the journal and left in on my pillow. that gave her the ability to get it out without the emotion and then we were able to talk it out better!