Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365 - Week 9

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This has been a fun, crazy, wild and BUSY week. I cannot believe that we are at the end of February already. WOW! Plus, our sweet Hattie turned 6 this week. It all just adds up to mean that TIME IS FLYING BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, really ... it just needs to slow down already.

Here is just a glance at our craziness ...
Feb. 21 - The B.I.B.L.E. - We missed church because H was just not herself. No fever or anything, just kinda pale and lethargic. BUT, Sophie made sure to get her Bible Study time in.

Feb, 22- SNOW! - More snow. We welcomed the snow day though, it gave Hattie one extra day to get back to herself!

Feb. 23 - And The Winner Is - I won meet & greet passes to a concert that I already had tickets to. So, I got to hold a little concert on Facebook and give two tickets away. Sophie drew the winning names. It was SO fun to be able to Bless people in this way!

Feb. 24 - Happy Birthday - I took a TON of pictures this day - the day my baby turned six. But this one, with the flowers that her daddy brought home to her, took my heart away. LOVE her!

Feb. 25 - Casting Crowns - The concert was AWESOME! I have a ton more pics, but that will have to wait for another post.

Feb 26 - Bakin A Cake ... AGAIN - This was the SECOND time this particular section of Hattie's b-day cake went in the oven. Yes, it's in a flower pot and I seriously underestimated the baking time the first time. The second time around I didn't have enough batter to make it as big as I wanted it, but it was OK. Still turned out fairly well.

Feb. 27 - See? - It's pretty cute. There are a few things I would change. But Hattie LOVED her sand castle and that is all that matters to this mama!

Again, I have a ton of pictures but that will have to wait for another post too. (Looks like I'm gonna have to post this week!!)

Feb. 28 - Baby Love - I attended a baby shower for sweet friends Julie & Ben and their baby surprise (they do not know if they're having a boy or a girl). The girls did a great job decorating for it! So fun!

Well, that was our week - how was YOURS?

Thank you Sara for hosting us every week! You are wonderful!

7 of ya left some love:

Susan said...

You are such a wonderful woman, BJ. And I know that you know you are extremely blessed. Love you bunches.

Rebecca Jo said...

Casting them!!!! They do the best concerts!

Tori said...

Happy Birthday to H!! I love the pics of her with the flowers and that they are from her Daddy is precious.
What a great concert to go to! Great group, music and message!!
Have a super week!

The Bug said...

The sand castle cake is so cute! Hattie is lucky that her mom worked so hard to give her a cute cake...

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I don't know why, but the picture of the table at the baby shower is really good to me.

How in the world did you get the cake to look like real sand?? What IS that on it? Wait. Is it just a pale brown frosting with graham cracker crumbs all over? Looks really good whatever it is!!

Love the pic of Hattie sniffing her flowers. So sweet!

Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

Love that you worked so hard to give your girl the cake she dreamed of! Such a great momma! And I must tell you that your photog skillz are showing improvement. These photos are fabulous.

Alana said...

The sand castle cake is CUTE! I have never been brave enough to bake my kids' party cakes.