Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 365 - Week 8

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So, we are towards the end of February now ... that is crazy. My baby will turn 6 this coming week. Time is moving way too fast. Somebody stop the clock for me, will ya?

Yeah, that's what I thought ... Boo.

At least I have some of the hi lights on film though ... like these:

Feb. 14 - My Funny Valentines - Hubby took his (little) girls on a date for the big day. HE wants to be the one that teaches them how they are supposed to be treated on a date. And I am happy that they are learning from the very best.
And this little fella was MY date for the day. His mama and daddy had a date of their own and while his big sis, Miss Belle, hung out with the grandparents, I got to love on my sweet Judah Man! (thanks Aron & Erica for sharing!!)

Feb. 15 - Like Her Sis - She wants to be big sooooo bad!

Feb. 16 - Ice, Ice Baby - On a play date at a friend's house, I thought it was SO cool how the ice melting form the sunny roof froze to the bush in the shade causing icicles.

Feb. 17 - Here Comes The ... - Yeah, that, my friends, is the sun. Bring it on!

Feb. 18 - When running warm water in which to thaw your frozen coffee creamer, one would be wise to NOT fall asleep and leave the water running. Thankfully, I "woke up" just in time!

Feb. 19 - Story Tellers - I could not pick just one pic from the worship concert at our church, so I made a collage. It.Was.AWESOME!

Feb. 20 - SONIC! - Hubby and I had a date scheduled. Hattie was not feeling quite herself and Soph had a nasty nose. (Soph has a nasty nose any time the weather changes!) So, Hubbs took us all on a family date night to Sonic. Can you guess which cup is mine. Yeah ... I like me some cherry limeaid.

Thank you, Sara, for hosting. This is a blast every week!

So, how was YOUR week?

13 of ya left some love:

sara said...

oh my word, the creamer in the sink is hysterical!!! you are soooo lucky you woke up in time!

cherry limeade is my favorite drink at sonic too!!! love em!

Amy said...

I miss Sonic, now that I live in California I can't find one close...sigh. Cool icicle picture!!

Love the Creamer picture though, I am impressed you snapped a pic.


Angie's Ad Lib said...

Loved all the dates! My hubby has a Father/Daughter dance coming up on the 5th and feels the same way about his girls. Love that.

Whew! The creamer pic is great!

Tori said...

That creamer picture is great! SO glad you didn't have the mess!
Love that your hubby is treating the girls like the princesses they are. That is the best Valentine, I think!

Kim said...

Such a precious picture of daddy with his girls :-) Very cool photo of ice! Close call on leaving the water running -- whew! I've never had a cherry limeade from Sonic; will have to try that next furlough. Sounds wonderful.

Have a great week!

LuAnn said...

What a great idea with dad and his little girls.

Cherry Limeade is my fav too!!!

Lisa said...

very sweet that daddy takes the girls on dates. what a mess the water would have made if you hadn't caught it. does it freeze well? I never thought of that.

Hope all the colds are gone soon

Darla said...

i love those cherry limeades too.

my husband used to take the girls on dates when they were little too. they are very picky girls when it comes to boyfriends now that they are teens too. :D

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I think it's precious that your husband took the girls out. Just precious.
Cool icicles.
Oh, man! That sink!!! VERY close call!

Aron and Erica said...

Oh my goodness...your overfull sink is tooooo funny. Love the killer icicles, the storytellers picts, the sonic!!!, steve with his lovely dates, & of course...j-man. I'm sure it gets tedious, but this year in pictures is oh so cool.

j said...

i really enjoyed getting a peek into your week. soph looks so big sitting at the table drawing! And love how Steve took his girls out for V-day (and how mama encouraged it too!). They certainly have a great daddy to teach them about how loved and special and valuable they are (both earthly and heavenly fathers, for that matter.) ANd that photo of you and Judah is just precious precious precious. He's adorable and you look so pretty. Have a great word can't believe Hattie is turning 6!!!

Melissa said...

Love the pictures this week. My 3 year old loves to look at everyones pictures with me. When we go to the picture of the Sonic cups she said "Look it! It's a Diet Coke." lol maybe I should cut back on my Diet Cokes from Sonic

The Bug said...

Your girls are so cute! The creamer thing is something I would TOTALLY have done! In fact, I'm pretty sure I will sometime in the future LOL.