Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 365 - Week 7

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This was a MUCH better week than last week - probably because I was able to lift my head off the pillow without fear of losing my lunch... Gotta love that!

Thank you Sara, for hosting us yet again! This little project is a BLAST and I love documenting the lives of my children this way!

Here is our week...

Sunday - This girl LOVES a fort. And I love that smile!

Monday - Dancing Queen - Anytime Miss Sophie works out with me, this is the DVD that she picks. She loves the music on this one (she is so much better than I am with the dance moves)!

Tuesday - Snowcream - We had enough snow by late afternoon that I filled a bowl and we made a little snowy treat. Snow, vanilla, sugar and milk all add up to a big ol bowl of YUM!

Wednesday - Happy Birthday Grandma! - It was my mommy's birthday so the girls decided we needed to make her a cake. Did I mention that she lives in Arizona? No matter, we had a party for her anyway!

Thursday - Happy Valentine's - This was the day of Hattie's class party and she brought home all of her goodies in a bag that she decorated. I LOVE the puzzle piece letters that she used for her name.

Friday - Praise Him - I was in a serious funk. Couldn't tell you why, I just was. So, I took the advice of my PBFF Beth Moore and decided to "praise now and feel it later!". I turned on Pandora radio and this was the first song that came on. It's a little old school, but it TOTALLY did the trick. I was singing and dancing along by the end.

PS - I TOTALLY want Christy Nockles' voice when I grow up!

Saturday - Sundays are always crazy around here, especially if one of us has Praise team at church. So, we decided to do our V-day on Saturday instead. Hubs brought me these beauties, some chocolates and a lovely card. I am one Blessed woman, I truly did marry Prince Charming!

So, how was your week?

12 of ya left some love:

Angie's Ad Lib said...

Looks like a fun week. Glad you're feeling better.

Love the birthday cake for Grandma! I especially love the chocolate wrist your daughter is sporting. Sometimes the mess is just worth it.

Cute puzzle piece letters. The flowers are beautiful! Now I've got to go take a pic of mine. :)

See ya next week!

Esthermay said...

Oh Yeah! Snowcream!!!!

You remind me that we haven’t done a “fort” in quite awhile around here. Thanks.

Awwww… Hurray for the PRINCE CHARMINGS of the world. (I married one too btw) :~)

~Happy Valentines Day!

The Bug said...

Your girls are so cute! Glad you were feeling better & could enjoy them.

I'm sad that I can't play Pandora at work anymore (new internet security). It was one of my little pleasures there.

Amy said...

I always forget about Pandora...such a fun little gadget. Your girls just make me smile, they are oh so very cute. Love the birthday party for Grandma, I am sure she appreciated it even from afar!!

Loved all your pictures.


Valerie said...

It does look like you had a great week. Love the pics and seeing your beautiful babies. Oh and kudos to Prince Charming!

Aron and Erica said...

I think we're coming over next time you have snow cream! I don't trust the snow 'round these parts...too many people with too many dogs!
Loved the photos!

Dena said...

Great pictures. The puzzle pieces for spelling out her name was very creative!

What a fun idea to have a party for Grandma even though she wasn't able to be there in person.

Tori said...

Great week and so glad you're better! That snowcream sounds yummy and better than shoveling it!

skoots1mom said...

hope you've had a great val's day

Kelly said...

snowcream, wow how interesting. Lived in MI forever and never heard of that.

j said...

snow cream? yum yum! that sounds great! how fun. also loved how you shared your funk story...great advice from beth (gonna have to program that one in my memory) how music can minister to us, stir the soul and change our mood almost instantaneously...a heart softener and melter it can be. looks like a great week.

and i miss you too beautiful girl...that is all.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I absolutely LOVE that you guys made a cake for your mother who wasn't even there! That's awesome.
Great week!