Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365 - Week 4

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Week 4 ... of 2010 ... pretty sure we were supposed to be livin' like the Jetsons by now.

Which would have it's ups and downs. I mean, really, who wants to have to check their hair and makeup just to answer the phone? But, on the other hand, I could REALLY use me a Rosie the Robot!

Anyhoo - I want to thank sweet Sara for hosting this shin dig. She is GREAT! You should totally go check her out ... and join us! It's never too late!

January 18 - C is For Cookie - This is what ya get when you leave two little girls alone with a bag of 'Nilla Wafers just long enough to move some laundry around.

January 19 - Loves Letters - Even on a play date, this girl will find the letters to play with.

January 20 - Little Chickadee - Hattie likes baths ... Hattie does NOT like getting OUT of the bath.

January 21 - Baby Love - Sophie has discovered all things baby doll. And she is HOOKED!

January 22 - Blue Eyed Girl - Do I need to say more?

January 23 - Drama Queen - Sophie likes books as much as she likes letters. Here she is reading to herself ... and obviously QUITE engrossed in the story!

So, tell me ... how was YOUR week?

10 of ya left some love:

sara said...

my parents called to ichat with me this weekend....I hadn't gotten dressed and had major bed head...ya, mom noticed!! Plus, I can't roll my eyes anymore with out her seeing! ha!

love those hooded towels! my kiddos had those!

The last picture of Sophie just makes me it!

Melissa said...

Your girls are just precious. An early love of letters is always a good thing. Cute kiddos and great pics. I will be back next week!

Kim said...

You get the most amazing candid shots of your girls! They're wonderful!

Amy said...

Oh My Goodness what cute kid pics!! I love the animation while reading that cracks me up. And those blue eyes...I have one of those kids too and mine knows how to use them!!


rita said...

Great pics of your precious girls.
Wonderful that Sophie loves letters & books!
Have a fun week together!

Cathy said...

I love pictures of your little girls. They are so cute!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Sweet pics. I especially love what the did with the 'Nilla Wafers. :)

Marice said...

aww great photos! your little girls are all so adorable :)

u may view mine here

j said...

Beautiful blue-eyed girl photo. I love that one (you must frame) made me smile and really captures the spriti of Hattie,...And then I had to giggle at the next one of our dramatic Sophie girl. She is a riot all right!

Lisa said...

Seriously sweet pics! Never to early to lay on the couch with a good book!

The game is called "Silly Sentences" by DK Games.

*an exciting game for 1-4 players
*color-coded cards help children learn nouns, verbs and adjectives

Ages 4-7

I bought it at TJ Maxx for $5.99

Congrats on your weight loss. Yes, sisterhood is always helpful!