Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Can I Resist Sisterhood?

I have a secret ... well, not really a "secret" secret ... more like something I have just not really shared.

More like an omission.

Yeah, that's it ... I have an omission.

(but, really, secret is such a sweeter, softer word. I mean "omission" sounds kinda evil. Don't ya think? Doesn't it sound like a lie of some sort? And, ya know, I've never meant to LIE about this, just haven't wanted to SHARE it. So, let's just stick with secret then, shall we?)

Ahem ...

I have a secret.

Since the first full week of this new year ... new DECADE ... I have been trying to lose weight.

I know, you're shocked right? Here is where you do one of two things. You either scratch your head and wonder why this all sounds so very familiar OR you roll your eyes, sigh and mumble under your breath "here we go again". If it's the latter, I need to tell you it's really quite OK to say it right out loud. It's nothing I haven't told myself.

I have said this before ... which is precisely why I have neglected telling you all (both of you) about this before now.

Because, really, how many times can I blog about "this is it!", "it's now or never" and "this time I am gonna DO this thing" and expect to be taken seriously? I mean, come ON now, how big of a ninnie can I make myself out to be on my OWN STINKIN BLOG?!?!?!?!?!

But, this morning, I made a little discovery.

I found a support group, if you will.

I have discovered The Sisterhood of The Shrinking Jeans.

Now, I beg of you, how can I resist a sisterhood?

SO, each Wednesday I will be weighing in (and stop right there if you think for one nanosecond that I am gonna tell you the actual number appearing on the scale!) and letting you know how I have done for the week. Good or bad, we are just gonna keep it real.

This week I lost 1.2 pounds (this is after I gained - and then re-lost - 2 lbs after my mexican dinner date with my man) for a grand total of 9.2 pounds total for the year.

It's not much by Biggest Loser standards, but it IS a loss ... and I will take it!

Also, it is NEVER too late to start, so head on over to The Sisterhood of The Shrinking Jeans and join us!!!

'Cause how can you resist a sisterhood?

12 of ya left some love:

Christie O. said...

yay!!! i'm so glad you've joined us!! and yes, that is a really big deal, almost 10 pounds!! great job!!! keep up the momentum and stick with us, we'll get you through, i promise!!!

~Mendie~ said...

Welcome to the Sisterhood Becky! Congrats on your loss....its a wonderful group of women (and man) that keeps me fighting thru the roughpatches!

Have a great week!

*Lissa* said...

I'm glad you can't resist us. :)

9.2 lbs this year is AWESOME!! Keep up the fabulous work, girl!

Brooke said...

welcome!! and of course its not close to BL numbers - do you have 6 hours a day to devote to working out.

we're glad to have you and congrats on all your progress

Mom of 3 boys said...

Welcome! It is great that you have lost that much since January. The sisterhood is awesome and totally helps you stay on track and gives great information about health and fitness. You will be so happy you joined.

sara said...

that is awesome....and I think 9+ lbs since the first of the year is pretty dang good!!

Heather D said...

Welcome - so glad you found us! You're doing great so far. Can't wait to hear about your shrinking!

angie128 said...

Almost 10 pounds since January 1?!? That's two sacks of sugar!!


I'm afraid I've found what you've lost....

Meeghan said...

9 pounds is AWESOME. I thought the 4 I've lost was doing pretty good. I am in a biggest loser competition at work. Accountability totally helps. keep at it girl!!!

Kelly L said...

Well done! I so have to get started...

Love to you

Kate said...

That's awesome!! Funny, I always compare my weight loss to The Biggest Looser's disgusting really. I'm depressed because I've only lost 6 lbs this year. And I could care less...I've got a whopping 92lbs to still loose!! Of course if you've been reading any of my fb posts, you know I'm in training for tri for the cure in August, and since I've been training, only lost 1.2 lbs. This bites really, but my workout times have been getting better, and I guess that's what matters to me right now-well sorta. :) I'm happy you found comfort in a group...keep it up.

K Mommy said...

I have read several blogs that have jumped into the sisterhood...I however have not joined them...but I have thought about it! I can't wait to see how you do!