Monday, December 28, 2009

Project 365 - Week 52

Project 365

Week 52 ... and even though, between my camera and my computer, some of the pictures disappeared, I have had a blast! Thank you Sara for hosting us this year!

Well ... this week I lost more pictures ... I KNOW!

But it is OK because guess what!

No, really, GUESS!!!


I could NOT be more excited. I have had so much fun playing with it. Still learning the ropes and the ins and outs of it, so I have nothing spectacular to show you ... yet!

I do, however, have plenty of pictures for the week ... just not ALL the days are represented ... but here we go!

Sunday - this is where I would post the picture of Hattie and I making LOTS of yummy baked goodies for her teachers.

Monday - This is where I would show you MORE baking!

Tuesday - this is where I would show you the picture of Sophie climbing the walls because, in an effort to bribe my child to sit in her seat at the movies with H's class, I gave her my cup and she drank 3/4 of my diet coke. Hello caffeine, so happy to meet you!

Wednesday - This is the saddest one to have lost. The finished product of our Nativity.

(Now to the pictures that DO still exist!)

Thursday - Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!!! I took this one on my cell to send to my mommy to show her that we are carrying on the tradition!

Friday - Christmas day! Lots of pics for today ... cause I got my new CAMERA!!!!!!!

The day that ended with a rousing game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos! It is a HIT with all of us!

Saturday - We stayed in jammies all day long and watched a TON of movies. The best, most relaxing day in a LONG time!

Sunday - playing with my camera with two of my very favorite models!

Thank you again Sara! I cannot wait to do it all over again ... with my new camera!

4 of ya left some love:

Esthermay said...

Lost camera – lost memories – been-there-done-that! I completely sympathize with you. Especially with little ones who make the memories and the need for a good camera such a constant! So happy for your new camera! How FUN!!?

I remember Hungry Hungry Hippos! I think parents have more fun with that one than the kids sometimes.

My six year old is sitting here right now as I look at Project 365’s and she is envious of the DisneyPrincess pj’s Lol!

Happy NEW YEAR, BeckyJo!

sara said...

so sorry you lost more pictures, but YEA! for the new camera!!!

We loved, loved hungry, hungry hippos when my kids were young!!!

rita said...

Absolutely loved the Happy Birthday Jesus pic! And the last two photos of the girls--darling!
Please tell me about Hungry, hungry hippos. I NEED ideas for when my ACTIVE grandson is here!

j said...

Such a bummer about the lost photos...but great news that you have a new camera and even better news that you will be doing this again next year (because i thoroughly enjoy these posts of yours!) Keep em' comin!