Sunday, November 15, 2009

Project 365 - Week 46

Project 365

Another week down, another week closer to Christmas.

Am I the only one who is FREAKING OUT over that little fact?

OK, moving on ... here is our week!

Sunday - I had made a comment on Facebook that we, er... I mean the girls, had not gotten one single grape tootsie roll pop and how sad that made me. And then some sweet church friends saved the day by sharing theirs ... THIS is what Halloween is all about!!

Monday - I was cleaning out Sophie's car seat and put her in it to be sure I got the straps back in correctly. She thought that being in her car seat in the kitchen was SO funny! I just love that sweet funny face!

Tuesday - It was a super cold morning as Hubbs was leaving for work. I took this of him scraping the windows. It turned out darker than I wanted but I love the effect of the sun through the water vapor from the muffler.

Wednesday - It was another cold morning and I hadn't planned on taking another picture ... til this happened :)

Thursday - I was trying to take a self portrait of my new short hair and for new profile pics. This is what happens when you let me loose on with the editing tools! This was the original.

This is after I played a bit ... I like the bright effect but no one else was too sure about it...

So we went to this effect ... Which one do YOU like?!

Friday - Hubs and I had a date night and went to the movies ... where I (shhhhh, don't tell) broke out the cell phone for a pic of the day.

Saturday ... Yeah, it's another cell phone pic. But, how cute ore those two sweet tushies?!?!?!

Hop on over to Sara's place if you would like to join us!!

And, how was YOUR week?

4 of ya left some love:

sara said...

I have a great picture of my daughter sitting her her carseat in the kitchen....wonder if I could find it?

I actually like the original picture, but the last one really brings out your blue eyes!!

ok, the picture at the movie is a tig scary!

but those tushies......adorable!

rita said...

Yes, adorable!
Brrrrr...really cold already where you are.
I love the one of the message on the frosty window!
Good job picniking and fun hairdo, beautiful smile, bright eyes!

Kim said...

Wonderful photos! You have a great eye for taking excellent pictures.

Very cute hair style! I'm with Sara, although I like the way the last one brings out your blue eyes, I think the first one is best. The Real You, The Original You! :-)

Just looking at your cold morning photos makes me shiver. Brrrrr! I am SO glad we live in a more temperate climate now. Even this past winter on the coldest day we did not have frost on the windows. Only a few days did we even have any frost at all and it melted within an hour of the sun coming up.

I used to strap my firstborn into the carseat to feed him when we'd be somewhere and not have a high chair (like when we flew to visit my mom in another state). Have some great photos of him, food smeared all over his face AND the carseat. Made me glad I'd chosen a one with a vinyl, easy-to-clean cover :-)

Have a great week!

j said...

Yahoo on the grape tootsie pop (i am a fan of the brown ones). love the car window pic...(Did steve write that? If so, he has really good handwriting for a man.) The frosted windows are a reminder that winter is just around the corner(Brrrr...) I personally like your third profile pic...great shot and editing. And the tub photo is priceless. Reminds me of one I have of B and B. Too funny that Sophie's buns are bigger than Hattie's...we have that going on at our house too. Gotta love those pa-donk-a-donks! Thanks for sharing! :)