Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The One With A LOT of Pictures ...

...and not a whole lot of words.

Sunday was officially family picture day here in B Manor. So, we set out to the park with our sweet friend Erica and let her work her magic with the camera.

Here are some of the treasures that she captured for us:

Some of the whole family (minus the boys ... we wish they could've been here!)

Some of our sweet Hattie girl

And some of our Sophie love

Some of both of them

And some just for fun

And finally, my second favorite of them all ...

... We're using my VERY favorite for Christmas cards, so you'll have to wait to see that one!!

Thank you sweet Erica for capturing these loves of mine so very well!!!

9 of ya left some love:

angie128 said...


Rebecca Jo said...

Cant wait to see your favorite... these are awesome! I love that last one too!!! Everyone looks so happy!!!!

Lindsee said...

I like the first on the best! Very cute. By the looks of the pictures, it should be a very cute Christmas card! :)

sara said...

those are AWESOME!!

Meeghan said...

GREAT pictures...beautiful family.

Michelle V said...

Those are just gorgeous! LOVE THEM!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Great pictures! I love the last one so much!

Kelli said...

Love them! Can't wait to see the Christmas card pic!

Aron and Erica said...

my joy, dear friend!
And great editing, by the way.
you are very blessed with such a lovely family to call your own, and they are so blessed to have YOU!
Can't wait to receive our card from B-Manor!